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YouTube video editing services

YouTube video editing services. Video editing with presence in a comfortable studio in the center of Dhaka. Feel yourself a director – manage the process, communicate with the editor and watch the result. You no longer need to write scripts and technical tasks. No lengthy correspondence and endless edits. Watch the result in real time and make adjustments on the fly.


How it works?

-Sign up for a video editing session at any time convenient for you.  We work only by appointment and around the clock, so that the late start of the session will not be a problem

-Collect all your sources in one place, for example on a flash drive or an external hard disk. If you intend to use music, it’s better to have it with you.

-Come to the studio to the appointed time, pass the source code to the editor and describe your task. After discussing the concept, proceed to installation

-Mount the video all that you want to do with your source code will be done before your very eyes. Make corrections in the course of work. Creatively interact with the editor

-Take off the finished roller at the end of the session; you can take the finished video with you. We give video in mp4 format, which is played on any devices

Consultation is free (The opportunity to communicate with the editor before starting work)

Video editing with presence in the studio for 1 hour of work $25 (Visual installation in the studio Full control over the process of creating your video Ready video on the day of work)

Video editing with presence in the studio for 10 hours of work (shift) $100 (Discount $1 per hour Specialist for the whole day the opportunity to leave the studio on their own business Ready video on the day of work)

Conditions for providing video editing services with presence in the studio

  1. Reception for installation in the studio is strictly by appointment. A recording for the session is possible at least 2 hours before the proposed visit.
  2. The minimum duration of the session is 1 hour. After the first hour, the minimum duration is 30 minutes. The assembly shift lasts 10 hours continuously and includes a 30-minute lunch break.
  3. The start of the video editing session and the countdown begins immediately after the start of the transfer of your source files to the editor.
  4. Your sources should be digitized, ready for installation and be on a USB flash drive or an external hard disk. Otherwise downloading from social networks or messengers, as well as transfer from other digital devices, will take the time of the installation session.

Ok, pay only for the time of video editing, but that you can have time to mount for 1 hour of work?

It is realistic to mount, for example, a video birthday greeting, a simple slideshow for a wedding or a small video report about an event – for example, from a past trip. We have fast editing directors. Also the work is greatly accelerated by your preparation.