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Outsource Xamarin App Development Services

With a shared code based on C #, developers can use the Xamarin tools to write native Android, iOS and Windows applications with native user interfaces and share code on different platforms. In February 2016 the company was bought by Microsoft. Since the company was founded by engineers from the Mono, Mono for Android and MonoTouc h projects, it is possible to use a very well-stocked subset of .NET libraries.


Functionality and main characteristics of xamarin

-Visual Studio development IDE , Windows / Mac / Unix compatible

-IOS and Android compatibility

-Updates periodically and aligned with the news of native SDKs

-Shared and high level core code ( c # with mono 4.5 )

-Native rendering of the interfaces

-Xamarin.Forms library for creating native interfaces with shared XML

-Implementing the Model-View-ViewModel pattern (MVVM)

Discover advantages of xamarin advantages

-High maintainability of the code (Shared between platforms)

-Open Source technology but with the support of a leading company such as Microsoft

-Time to marked decidedly reduced if Xamarin.Forms technology is adopted

-Performance levels comparable to the native

-Native hardware support and User Experience comparable to the native

-Unique development environment that interacts autonomously with native tools

What are The Strength Points Of Xamarin?

-Multiplatform environment

-Programming c # with high level functions provided by mono 4.5

-Performances equal to the native

-Ability to use the native functions of the platform SDKs

-Wide selection of third-party plugins , even free

-Possibility of porting native libraries

-Free “Community “version without any use restrictions

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