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Workflow Automation Software Development Service

A successful business workflow simplifies and optimizes business processes within the organization. Constantly under the pressure of having to produce better products and services while keeping operating costs low, companies try to do their best to improve workflows. For example, a leading global IT company like Cisco can improve operational efficiency by using a powerful and adaptive workflow platform.

Complete management of the company workflow:

Workflow platforms must be able to provide the functionality needed to design, implement, and evaluate business workflows. Business process management software (BPM) should enable workflow management at all levels of the enterprise, including intelligent routing and queuing, complete and unified case management, and guided task execution.

Workflow application platforms reach any geographical, organizational and IT division to provide workers with a comprehensive view of relevant information for each activity. For each activity that is the subject of a business workflow, the system should also link the relevant service level conditions, specifying clear deadlines, transfer paths to the upper level and corrective actions to be taken in case the targets are not met.


Automation of company workflows with Weprosys Ltd.

Weprosys Ltd. is a leader in the current market. With the Weprosys Ltd.  software features, you can create and deploy an automated business workflow intelligently, which uses defined business rules to route work to the appropriate system or person and define priorities in queues. Weprosys Ltd.’s  suite also guides workers in carrying out their activities, providing the necessary information at the right time.

With Weprosys Ltd. software, business users can quickly convert business goals into new workflows and processes without having to rely completely on IT staff. Weprosys Ltd. technology automates the programming needed to transform corporate workflow rules and models into functional applications, greatly accelerating the implementation of new processes and services. Business rules are sophisticated and flexible as well as being powered by a high-performance engine that allows you to completely capture business goals and information in rule-based business applications.

Industry-specific solutions frameworks accelerate success by providing data models, business rules, workflows and user-interface models based on best practices. With the user-based editing process and powerful business rules platform, Weprosys Ltd.  is the ideal starting point for continuous improvement programs, business transformation initiatives or targeted solutions that make specific operations more efficient, more effective and more agile .

Weprosys Ltd. systems are a leader in cloud software for customer engagement and operational excellence. If you’ve ever driven a car, used a credit card, called a company’s customer service, created an account, flew in the air, sent a complaint and thousands of other transactions that are part of our daily life, it’s likely that you have interacted with Weprosys Ltd.. In the last 30 years our technologies, CRM, automation of digital processes, robotics, IA and others, have provided the right tools to world leading companies to achieve remarkable results.

Electronic document management systems

Work with documents in organizations of any level is connected with the solution of a whole range of tasks, the volume and complexity of which grows as the company grows: searching for information, keeping it up-to-date, ensuring confidentiality and safety of documents, etc. The most effective solution for dynamically developing companies is the introduction of electronic document management (EDS) systems. Electronic document management systems allow you to simultaneously work with documents of tens of thousands of employees and in real mode to control business processes to the company’s management.

Electronic document management systems are needed not only for large corporations with tens of thousands of employees, but also for medium and small companies. Automation greatly facilitates the workflow of any company, increases the transparency of all business processes, reduces the burden on employees and reduces the processing time of documents. All employees of the company begin to work in a single information space, and the transfer of documents takes a few seconds. SED allow you to minimize the impact of the human factor, eliminate errors and loss of documents.

The experience of hundreds of companies that have already implemented electronic document management systems, speaks of a guaranteed and rapid effect for your business!

Advantages of the electronic document management system based on Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint – one of the most popular platforms in the world, designed to build a single information space of the company. This is a universal platform for creating corporate portals, which become a point of access to databases, workflow, Internet resources and various external business applications (ERP, CRM, etc.). Using an ERMS based on Microsoft SharePoint is good because it shortens the terms and budgets of the project on one hand, and on the other hand it allows you to create flexible and customizable systems for the business processes of the customer.

SharePoint workflow is the optimal price / quality ratio when choosing a document management system (ERMS).

Simplicity of service and completion of the system’s functionality by the customer’s own forces;

Scalability and fault tolerance. Suitable for organizations of any scale, including geographically distributed for instant access to the news information;

SharePoint is a web-based system that provides such advantages as ease of deployment and deployment, ease of maintenance and work with the portal on different devices (PC, iPad, Android-devices, etc.), the ability to adapt the interface to the needs of different categories of users;

The ability to integrate the system with other IT systems, including products from Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, Link, Exchange, Dynamics and others.

-Using SharePoint Workflow and flexible customization of business processes;

-Organize a single document storage space and team work;

-Track versions of documents;

-Automate routine business processes and reduce the number of errors / impact of the human factor;

-To organize informing about the status of reconciliation of documents in real time.