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Outsource WordPress development services

WordPress is a free user-friendly content management system (CMS), that turns working with content into pleasure. Flexible architecture, a huge number of ready-made solutions allow you to implement any project on the WordPress basis with minimal costs: Blog, Corporate Website, News Website, Landing Page, Online Store, Social Network. WordPress — the platform number one in the world, it is used by many famous companies: Forbes, CNN, BBC, Reuters, NASA, eBay, Sony, General Motors etc.


We offer an advanced bundle of services for the WordPress platform: we mean wordpress development like: development of wordpress themes, development of wordpress plugins, WP integration and social media, online booking, development of woocommerce themes and other web management services. We optimize and customize existing WordPress installations: creation of plugins and custom themes, integration with social media and other ecommerce or document platforms, performance optimization. Our wordpress development projects are: websites of companies in the tourism, real estate, technology, information, industry, online magazines.

CMS development

We can provide technical services for wordpress development or other CMS, website design or CMS based applications PHP and Java:

Website development: we develop and design websites based on PHP CMS (WordPress Development, Joomla Development, Drupal Development), we can provide pre-sale planning, coordination, management and software development services.

WordPress development : we can develop customized themes with UIX consulting and HTML5 / JS development, CSS.

Plugin and module development: we can develop individual WordPress plugins or Joomla modules for integration with the information system and development of particular social or ecommerce functionalities.

Design and development java: we provide support for the analysis, design and development of applications based on CMS and Workflow engines in JAVA language.

Setup and platform updates: we provide installation services on the internet / intranet web server of CMS Java or PHP. Service installation, maintenance and updating of CMS platforms

CMS security : we can intervene on the WordPress, Joomla or other CMS installations that have been attacked by hackers and secure the service

CMS SEO : we verify that the website WordPress, Joomla, Drupal has the technical requirements necessary to be indexed by search engines.

WordPress performance: we can improve the performance of WordPress-based websites by intervening on the WP or server setup, using advanced cache systems or improving the quality or compression of the html code, JavaScript, PHP.

CMS hosting : we can provide dedicated and optimized hosting for WordPress, Joomla or other CMS that has security features and scalability for website growth.

CMS booking : we can integrate different online booking systems in WordPress in Joomla or other CMS.

CMS ecommerce : we integrate and develop Woocommerce solutions for WordPress and VirtueMart for Joomla. In addition, we embed these platforms with the company information system and with custom virtual POS or with PayPal.

Vast experience in working with WordPress allows solving any problem quickly and efficiently within any budget. Direct contact with the developer allows you to convey the task better and find the most rational solution. The absence of a corporate chain significantly simplifies the interaction, reduces the cost of developing and maintaining the project.