Wedding Video Editing Services

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Professional Wedding Video Editing Services

Enhance your videos through tailored editing. Have you ever had video material and want to use it again or re-assemble it in a different way? Through video editing we take care to rework your videos to make them more appealing and in line with your new needs. If video is a language video editing is the grammar to write with. It is necessary to adopt the right techniques the right rhythm and the right rules to best tell your story in your specific field.


Through video editing it is possible to adapt a movie to new channels of use. It is in fact profoundly different to publish a video on YouTube compared to instagram or to create a corporate video compared to a video tutorial.

What are the benefits of a professional weeding video editing?

For example through dedicated video editing we could obtain:

-Integration of new movies or substitutions

-Adding subtitles and graphics

-Adding parts in motion graphics

-Editing the audio track

-Change of the assembly rhythm

-Creation of video variations for different media

The wedding one is one of the most important days in the life of a couple and deserves to be remembered in the best possible way. The wedding day is not only the most beautiful of life but also the most true. We Weprosys Ltd. will make that day even more memorable in fact we follow with the cameras in full the day of the couple not only the ceremony using the best shooting techniques and improvising interviews with relatives and friends to print in your heart those unforgettable moments which will be enhanced by a professional video editing.

Real professional operators will be at your disposal to make your album – a truly unique video through the professional editing of movies photos and audio video editing and with music and songs chosen by you adapted to the style of your wedding.

The soundtrack of the wedding video can be the result of a mixer between the music of the ceremony and the wedding party and classical jazz or modern background music which you can choose according to your favorite style.

Thanks to the professional video editing experience gained over 25 years of activity we can create a DVD with a rich menu where you can by selecting the most important scenes relive the most exciting moments of your ceremony and wedding reception.

The wedding day is among the most important if not the most important in the life of a couple and must be remembered and honored in time in the right way. Poor photo and video services made by self-styled professionals jeopardize the success of the video / photo memory of a day so unique special and unrepeatable.

video marriages professional shooting and editing service Traditionally you cannot give up the photo shoot and the inevitable “wedding album” The video editing though often shelved due to the general costs to be incurred in a wedding remains the most exciting way to relive and resume with friends and relatives in a few exciting minutes that day so dreamed of.

Forget the classic double video made by the photographer who while not giving up the photo shoot offers the full photo + video service while not specializing in the latter …

Forget the usual pieces of videos mounted in sequence and trivially accompanied by the classic musical bases…

Forget wedding videos arranged in some way.

Our wedding videos are intended to tell in detail the wedding day but also and especially the love story of the couple enhancing it and rebuilding it with shots taken the days before and after the wedding and involving comments in spouses and guests without ever invading the spaces and the harmony of the same inserting in the video also the original audio for a result and an even more true and exciting memory.

We immortalize and tell the most beautiful day in a real movie from the standard DVD format to the high-definition Full HD format burned to Blu-ray Disc.

We offer highly customizable video services for all needs from cheaper (just video editing with videos / photos made by friends and relatives with amateur video cameras and on our precise instructions) to the most complete and spectacular accompanying you to the wedding dress test to the preparation of the location coming to visit you the morning after the wedding and accompanying you to the airport for the final greeting at the departure of the honeymoon.

For us every wedding editing is special there is no “style” of video or standard or about the duration of the DVD the menu or the video effects of the shoot. The creativity combined with the editing experience allows us to make every video wedding as a unique work treated with sobriety and elegance and offer emotions and sympathy to remember you’re most beautiful day.

We keep it in its original Master to be able to reproduce several copies for you or to offer to relatives and friends and eventually replacing the lost ones thus guaranteeing you the best assistance.