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Outsource Web Portal and Vortal Development Services

Internet portal and Vortal – a website containing a variety of interactive services (search, mail, news, forums, service, voting, etc.), functioning within this site. The more useful and interesting information on the resource, the more convenient the structure, the more people come to it daily. We know how to create an Internet portal with high attendance. By its structure, the Internet portal is very branched, it contains a large number of links and thousands of sections. Depending on the subject matter, we create an Internet portal in each case with an individual structure. So, for example, the tourist Internet portal will be radically different from the literary one. Qualitatively, the Internet portal can be created only by a team of professionals. We will create an Internet portal that will become an effective tool for your business.


Tasks of the internet portal

-Creating an effective media

-Promoting a brand, product or service

-Acquaintance of the target audience with the scope of the company

-Formation of public opinion about a product or service

Features of the portal

If you want a site on which you can store virtually unlimited amounts of information, you need to create an Internet portal. In order to maximize the resource, we create an Internet portal with all the necessary conditions:

-The ability of users to interact with the site

-information quality control

-convenient navigation on the site

-presence of forums, chats, comments

Types of internet portals:

1  Public. Such an Internet portal is accessible and understandable to everyone.

2  Corporate. Contains information accessible only to certain types of users.

3  International. That is, it is visited by both residents of our country, and Australia, France, Brazil, etc.

4  Regional. Available only to a certain part of the population, usually limited to a language barrier.

5 Vertical. Internet portal with a narrow and specific subjects (for example, the portal of car enthusiasts or connoisseurs of poetry).

6  Horizontal. The number of topics on such an Internet portal is absolutely unlimited.

Stages of creating an internet portal:

-development of technical specifications

-development of the architecture of the future web portal

-development of design layout

-and coordination with the customer

-filling and layout


-testing the working version

-making edits

-and launching the project

Our guarantees:

-Expertise in the creation of web projects over 10 years

-A  team of professional developers in the state (100 people)

-Effective technical solutions (official developers on CMS)

-Complex approach to solving business problems

-Dedicated Hosting and Domain

-Support and development of the project after launch