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Outsource Web App Development Services

When you use Facebook, YouTube, or read your inbox online, you are using a web application, that is software that does not physically reside on your computer but on the web, and that is therefore reachable from any Internet-connected terminal. Weprosys Ltd. , fully embracing this philosophy, promotes the creation of management applications, document archives, company intranets, affiliation platforms, social networks, etc., which fully exploit the potential of the web.


The advantage of a web application

The advantages of a web-based application compared to”classic” software are mainly the following:

-Independence from the platform: the use of the application does not depend on the operating system with which it is accessed (Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile systems)

-Immediacy of access: it is not necessary to download and / or install any software but it is sufficient to log in using the user and password

-Updates: the evolutionary releases of the application are centralized and are immediately available for each user, without the need for upgrades or further installations.

-Centrality of data: the database resides on an accessible server with a standard internet connection; data can therefore be reached simply through a browser, even on the move (tablet or smartphone).

-Scalability: to add a user simply creates a new user, without making new installations.

-Security: since the data is on an external server, there is no risk that any viruses on the client could compromise the database.

-Savings: lower implementation, maintenance and above all, infrastructural costs.

Properties of the code developed: Weprosys Ltd. releases the applications to customers by providing them, free of charge, the intellectual property of the same, the source code and databases, making the customer free from the supplier and with a unique ethical / commercial relationship in the field.

Attention to the processes

Processes web applications

The experience gained in over a decade of activity and the strong consulting approach lead Weprosys Ltd. to collaborate with the customer from the early design phases, pushing beyond the technical aspects and adding value in the analysis of the Customer’s operational processes, logistics and financial analysis.

Reliability and performance

“When the need becomes complicated, our answer is only one: simplify”

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors because we approach the problems with a highly analytical attitude, necessary to go beyond the requirements expressed by the customer and that allows us to identify the potential risks of the projects right from the start. Only in this way, with a careful initial analysis shared with the customer, we can propose solutions that maximize results and have an eye to the costs of medium / long-term project.


Web application security Weprosys Ltd. creates web applications for large volumes of sensitive traffic (economic transactions, AAMS legalized gambling and management of sensitive data), periodically overcoming strict penetration tests and quality controls imposed by current regulations. Security is also guaranteed by the internal management of hosting infrastructures, which Weprosys Ltd. chooses not to delegate to third parties, directly providing housing services and professional system consultancy, to support web applications.

Web applications created by Weprosys Ltd.

In over 12 years of activity the Weprosys Ltd. development team took part in a large number of complex projects, both integrated with third-party software and stand-alone software. Almost all the applications made are still in production demonstrating the company’s ability to offer a valid strategic advice, as well as to take care of the implementation in a functional and efficient way.