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Web Analytics Services

We cannot control what we cannot measure. Any business, after the investment, the basic optimization and further promotion of the project, were invested – I want to see the result, change and improve the basic KPI. For a visual assessment of the results of advertising campaigns and a numerical measurement of their effectiveness, you need web analytics.

Web analytics – analysis of qualitative and quantitative data obtained from the site and other sources, which is designed to increase the return on advertising activities, the user interaction with the site and the improvement of key indicators (KPI).

Web analytics (Web analytics) – analysis of qualitative and quantitative data obtained from the site and other sources, which is intended to contribute to the increase:

Payback of all advertising activities.

-User interaction with the site.

-Improvement of key indicators (KPI).

-To collect all the data you need powerful analytical tools:

-The statistics system Google Analytics BING and Yandex

It is certainly necessary to have this tool, but not enough. It requires competent tuning and the ability to use all the completeness of the information received. That is why, many come to a logical step – to order web analytics services in a professional agency.


The above tools answer the question “WHAT’S going on?”, But none of them by themselves will say “WHY is this happening?” And, moreover, does not answer the question “WHAT SHOULD I DO? “.

Employees of the Internet agency “Weprosys Ltd.” are engaged in web analytics for more than 12 years of the company’s existence, and regularly use the most advanced tools. A wealth of experience has been accumulated to solve problems of any complexity and answer all the key questions of data analysis at reasonable prices.

Who needs web analytics and why?

By and large, web analytics should be ordered by everyone whose professional activities are connected to the Internet and who wants to see the results of their activities.

The main task of the site and the business that is behind it is to make profit, maximize it and achieve the goals. Only a well-tuned web analytics will help to achieve the given indicators, measure and improve them. Who needs web analytics?

-To business owners, who conduct activity on the Internet, web analytics?

-It serves as the basis for making decisions related to business development.

-Allows you to correctly allocate investments through advertising channels.

-Allows foreseeing possible problems of business and effectively preventing them.

-For Internet marketers, web analytics:

-Allows you to determine the most effective channels of communication with the audience.

-Facilitates the selection of the right marketing tools.

-Helps to find the audience that is most suitable for a specific advertising campaign and business in general.

For SEO tasks, web analytics:

-Allows to measure the success of works on search engine optimization of the site.

-Shows the “bottlenecks”, which need to pay special attention.

-Improves results, because it positively affects on-site behavioral factors and, consequently, ranking.

-Identifies the presence of potential “growth points”.

For start-ups:

-Simplifies the attraction of investment.

-Promotes the economic value of the project.

-Helps to control the development process and multiple growth.

Do you need web analytics specifically for you?

Based on what is written above, the question should be put differently: Do you need anything at all, but what kind of web analytics do you need to achieve your goals?

The whole process of web analytics consists of several stages:

-Receiving data that answers the question “What’s happening to my site now?”

-How many people come?

-Where do they come from, from advertising, from search, from social networks?

-How much time do they spend on the site?

-Do they come from desktop devices or from mobile devices?

-From what cities?

-Men or women?

-An analysis of the results that answers the question “How does it happen?”

-Has a person come more or less than last month? And taking into account the seasonal coefficients?

-And in comparison with the same month last year?

-Has the ratio of those who came from Yandex changed to those who came from Google?

-Did the twofold increase in the budget for contextual advertising double the increase in visitors?

-Increased or decreased time spent by people on the site after its redesign?

-Experiments designed to answer the question “Why is this happening?”

-The average time spent on the site has decreased due to the fact that they quickly find the information they need, or vice versa, they do not find, despair and go to the competitors?

-Traffic increased two-fold, and the profit while growing only 5% due to incorrect targeting or because of an inconvenient basket?

-Is the click of the button “Buy in One Click” a conversion goal?

Of course, not every project needs all stages of tracking, therefore, within the agency “Weprosys Ltd.”, optimal variants for solving the final business tasks at an acceptable cost have been developed. Other questions about the service are also analyzed on the page: Frequently Asked Questions on Web Analytics (FAQ) .

Our Task at analytics:

-Installation and configuration of web analytics systems

-Identifying and setting up the correct goals in analytical systems

-Determination of key performance indicators (KPI) of the project

-Report customization

-Monthly report on the current situation

-Identifying potential “growth points” of the project

-Recommendations for improving results

-Monitoring the implementation of recommendations

-Call Tracking (call tracking)

-Forms Analysis

-Personalized Dashboards

-Create remarketing lists

-Payback analysis (ROI) for each of the advertising channels

-End-to-end analytics

In addition to the standard solutions, of course, individual variants are possible, which will be created for a specific task and will help you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Order of service

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