Wall design with 3D

Wall design with 3D

Wall design with 3D. Undoubtedly, they belong to the avant-garde of interior design: wallpapers leave nothing to be desired this year and are among the must-haves for interior fans with a claim to an aesthetic, individual living ambience. Whether large-scale, multi-dimensional patterns, combined with unusual elements or dazzling colors – wallpapers are once again showing their best side.

A new material has found its way into the world of wallpapers, which captivates the friends of phenomenal wall design. Effect Foils Wallpapers are the ultimate wall covering to make any illusion perfect. With its wafer – thin special foils, 3D and rainbow effects, impressive colorful light reflections or fascinating holograms become visible; the viewer experiences a thousand fold reflections when he loses himself with his eyes in the Prisma – like elements. Effect foils Tapestries offer a sparkling spectacle with diamond sparkles, star shades and interactive three-dimensional structures.


But the designers of the Swedish company “Kredema Design” have invented something very special. Instead of sticking to the wall, their wallpaper wills their own waves. The Gothenburgers wanted to create wallpaper that, in addition to the decorative one, has another practical function. So you can now use your wallpaper as a bookshelf, wall lamp or shelf space.

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