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Visual Design Services

Visual Design Services. 80% of the information about the world around us is obtained through vision. Therefore, design is a symbolic embodiment of everything that is associated with our ideas about the product or service.

Effective visual communication:

It is clear – images and symbols are understandable to people and are well remembered.

Relevant – the semantics of forms and images correspond to the values ​​of the target audience and the context in which there is a product or service.

Consistent – a system of different formats and brand bearers forms a coherent and unified image in the minds of people.

Unique – the visual idea translates the attributes peculiar only to this brand.

Brand-design – design of communication systems

Brand-design is a visual embodiment and continuation of the brand platform. When developing an identity for a new brand or revitalizing an existing one, the task of the studio is to accurately and creatively visualize its key meanings.

Brand-design is always designing a “design-system”. As well as the brand strategy, its appearance (corporate style) is a well thought-out system with its architecture and hierarchy, which forms a sustainable visual environment or image of the brand.


Logo Design

The logo is the key symbol of the brand in the mind of the consumer. The main task of designers when developing a logo is to create an accurate visual metaphor that will be consistent with the strategy and positioning the brand. In this case, the consistency between the object (brand and product) and its symbol (logo) will allow building the most effective communication from the point of view of recognition and memorization.

Package design

Packaging in consumer branding is the main way to generate the necessary “codes” that are read by people and help them make a choice in favor of the brand. The form and color scheme of the packaging is often one of the most identifiable visual assets of the brand, especially in today’s marketplace, filled with a lot of “me too” and “same as” brands in almost every category.

Packaging is the most important point of contact of the consumer with the brand. People learn about the product as a result of marketing activities and advertising hype and the first thing they see on the shelf is packaging. It is she who creates the first impression, the very “moment of truth”. The first impression should really be “impressive.”

Design of other media

The set and type of carriers of brand identity depends on a dozen factors. For example: the cultural and geographical environment, the point of contact with the consumer, the value and character of the brand, the physical characteristics of the product, price positioning, life cycle and market the product, brand awareness, distribution structure  , etc…

Since 2009, we have been developing the design of different media: business cards, exhibition stands, corporate presentations, cars, clothes, toys, showers and videos, booklets, books, catalogs, etc.

-Studio services in the field of brand-design

-Logo development,

-Development of corporate style,

-Interactive design,

-Package design,

-Design of printed products: catalogs, booklets, posters,

-Design of the exterior of buildings and interiors,

-Design of exhibition stands,

-Shooting promos,

-And the development of other carriers of brand identity.

Development of Visual graphic design

Leaflets, booklets, brochures, business cards, packaging, and navigation system – any product of graphic design represents your company. Good design increases brand confidence and increases interest in brands unknown, new.

Design does not necessarily have to be expensive or catchy. It must correspond to the purpose for which it is created.

Many companies adhere to a uniform style in the design of printing and other materials. If you do not yet have a corporate brand-book, we can develop a logo and corporate identity, and only then start other materials.

The process of developing a graphic design

-We determine what task design should decide on which audience to work with.

-Choose the style in which the work should be done.

-We generate ideas, draw sketches and agree until the moment when it becomes clear: “it is necessary to do so and nothing else”.

-After we decided on the direction, we embody the design in life: we set specific visual constants that our customers will recognize.

-We extrapolate the developed means of visual communication to all the objects of design that are created within the project.

-The design is ready! Layouts go to print, images – to sites and social networks.

-It’s time for author’s supervision and support – any brand lives and constantly requires a new design. We are working to ensure that any work done for our client retains the original style.