Virtual presentation of furniture via 3D app

Virtual presentation of furniture via 3D app

Virtual presentation of furniture via 3D app. especially in the upholstered furniture industry, we digitize materials made of fabric, leather and wood in unprecedented quality. The best possible virtual representation and color security enables even faster, better, safer and thus also cheaper order processing between industry and trade and promotes sales.

Through the use of high-quality textures, the furniture industry can optimize their digital catalogs and thus achieve a significant increase in effectiveness for all concerned. The industry can supplement their commercial data with the digitized materials and display them directly in the spatial planning programs or in corresponding apps on mobile devices, for the benefit of the furniture trade. This way, the entire variety of different surfaces can be perfectly presented – in first-class quality and with convincing results.


Material variations, patterns and color shades at the POS can be conveniently selected from various digital collections and placed on furniture in perspective. Exact pleats and shadows underpin the real impression. The customer no longer has to imagine how the new fabric would work, but he can see it directly. The added value for manufacturers and retailers is obvious: perfect, simple and quick planning, simple and transparent presentation of the variety of manufacturers, quick enthusiasm of end customers, increase in the quality of advice and ordering and safer and faster order processing.

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