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Virtual Accountant Services

Who needs a Virtual accountant? Business today is not at all like the one that was about 5 years ago. New technologies make it possible to earn money in non-traditional spheres. One of these areas is a fashion business on the Internet.

More and more companies and private entrepreneurs are offering their customers to make virtual purchases. Thus, everything is sold and bought: from decorative cosmetics to the collection of dresses. And at the same time 99% of such entrepreneurs do not have a physical office and do not hire personnel. A “virtual” accountant is the ideal solution for them.


Let’s say you decide to go Virtual. It does not matter what exactly you will sell: exclusive shoes or Shari hill dresses. The main thing is that for successful activity you do not need to spend time studying the intricacies of accounting. Every specialist is good at his job. Calmly do the purchases of products, marketing and finding buyers. And entrust the documents to professionals who provide services remotely.

What can a remote accountant do?

In practice, there are no such tasks that cannot be assigned to an accountant via the Internet. The list of services is very wide: it is the creation and processing of any primary documentation that you may need. A competent accountant does not necessarily have to be in the office, but you – to pay him a fixed salary. Document circulation in this case is more rapid and economical. At the same time, a virtual professional, no worse than a real chief accountant, will be able to keep records (accounting, tax, warehouse – as needed), control the costs of the company, pay bills and even take tax and accounting statements. Such a specialist can even help your staff member, if in the most stressful periods he does not manage to cope with the entire amount of work independently. This is accounting support at a high qualified level.

Remote accountant – how convenient is it?

Today, when Internet technologies and in-depth narrow specialization of personnel have unlimited possibilities, the business structure changes significantly, there is no need to hire full-time specialists or to perform part of the work itself when it is possible to outsource tasks or place an application for organizing turn-key events. The main fears that do not allow our contemporaries to decide on outsourcing and are forced to keep a completely unnecessary staff, paying vacation and sick leave, is:

– fear of losing total control over specialists;

– fear of disclosure of commercial information;

– concerns about insufficient response or low level of promptness of the employees involved.

All these fears have a single fundamental reason – distrust of this kind of cooperation. Considering that in progressive America and even conservative but orderly Europe, such business management has long become the norm, and every entrepreneur bases his decisions only on considerations of increasing profits, it can be predicted that in the next 5-7 years and in USA the involvement of third-party professional contractors will become common. However, so far, few accountants are using the services of remote accountants.

There are more advantages in such cooperation than minuses:

– You do not pay for the remote employee, regardless of the amount of work, and even more so, you are not responsible as an employer (that is, you do not pay vacation, sick leave, taxes);

– You can look for a partner in terms of its professionalism and recommendations, which means that an employee on outsourcing will be interested in a positive evaluation of their work in order to have as many customers as possible (for example, the remains of media groups were reviewed by clients);

– you do not need to create a workplace and bear the costs associated with renting an office, paying utility bills, buying equipment and other organizational aspects.

Attracting an accountant from outside, you can be calm – he is also interested in positive cooperation, like you.