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Video summary Services

In addition to being the perfect means to allow users to discover all the background of a project, video on the web is now the most effective tool to catalyze public attention and promote companies.

As evidenced by the latest research, including those made by Facebook, users prefer to look at five times more videos compared to static content. According to Forrester Research moreover, a one-minute video has the same communicative effectiveness of about 1.8 million words, while Cisco estimates that by 2019 the network will be crossed by about one million minutes of video content per second, 79% of global data traffic.


In the development of a video it is also important to consider the value of storytelling as a strategy to engage the public. It is evident that at the base of a winning communication of a brand there is the construction of a suggestive, emotional and sometimes ironic multimedia narration.

In short, the videos represent today the most appreciated content, viewed, commented and shared on the web and in particular on social media. As long as they are short, beautiful, interesting, and relevant and … viral!

Video Summary services:

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