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Product film / commercial Video Production services

Product films (clips / videos) and commercials are indispensable for presenting products and services today. Moving images can be easily played on the website, interactive catalogs, apps and social media. 2D and 3D animations such as moving illustrations or rendered CAD data provide the means to convey a product or service in a more understandable way.


2D animation

2D animations are usually used when there is a correspondingly good image material of products. Even with illustrations 2D animations are feasible – important is the graphically understandable explanation of products and services.

3D animation

3D animations are suitable for explaining complex processes and processes, such as machines and devices. Also, a virtual camera work on architectural visualizations is generated by 3D.

Our services in the area of ​​product film / commercial:

– Concept Storyboard

– Organization and coordination

– 2D / 3D animations

– Post Production Visual Effects

Appealing product films and clips for more success in marketing and sales

Product films are an important marketing component to make the offer clear and understandable, even if the products are complex. A product film provides customers with optimum information about the product. In product films, unlike a website, potential features and benefits of the product are presented and communicated to potential customers almost live.

Video intros for commercials, product films and image films

A good intro is the basic requirement for a successful video. A video intro must therefore be obvious or impressive. No matter how complex, sober or plain the product is. Video intros are easier to remember, helping to make a name for themselves on the internet.

Promotional films for the attractive communication and sale of products and services

A commercial usually advertises a product, brand or service. A commercial should therefore primarily increase the sales of the advertised product and / or increase brand awareness and product confidence. Realizing visions, reaching the target group and exceeding expectations – these are the primary requirements of a commercial.

Image films of your company and your projects for fair, website and social media platforms

An image film offers the opportunity to set oneself in the limelight as a company, i.e to authentically present special characteristics, achievements and values ​​of the company. Whether image films for websites, for customer events or company CD’s. Moving images leave impressions and present the company vividly, emotionally and above all convincingly.

Professional explanatory videos for communicating complex issues

Explanatory videos help to make complex services, concepts and processes tangible and concise. Explanatory videos are most commonly used in traditional market communications as the trend towards moving images has increased more and more in recent years. Also in e-learning explanatory videos are used more often to convey knowledge in portions.