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Video Editing Services

Video editing with presence. The most convenient, fastest and easiest way to get the finished video is 100% coinciding with your vision. Without a script. You pay only for the cost of time. Spent for video editing. No additional charges are required – all inclusive. Feel yourself the director of your movie! The rest we take care, because for this we have everything.

Fast and creative editing directors: We have only experienced professionals who have been carefully selected. Accommodation up to 3 people: Comfortable leather sofa, coffee table and outlet for your laptop. Large viewing monitor. We work 24 hours, 7 days a week are you late? Are the deadlines burning? No problem! If the matter is urgent – we mount it till the morning.

Mount only on the technician Apple: All the power of the Mac Pro in the hands of the video editor is at your disposal. Offsite editing on MacBook pro. Everything for a long and comfortable work Fast WiFi, air conditioning, microwave, cooler, refrigerator, usb-charge.

That you can have time to mount for 1 hour of work? It is realistic to mount, for example, a video birthday greeting, a simple slideshow for a wedding or a small video report about an event – for example, from a past trip. We have fast editing directors. Also the work is greatly accelerated by your preparation.

Professional equipment: The studio is equipped with the same equipment, which is used in the creation of modern cinema. Powerful Mac Pro and fast Raid drive makes it easy to mount video in 4K.


Studio Opportunities: All these options are included in the video editing session

– no additional fees are required.

-Professional video editing

Our editing directors work quickly and creatively to the task. They can mount a video for you from any data: video, photo, music, recordings from a Dictaphone, presentations, and any documents – everything goes into action! Source codes can be from any sources: home cameras, movie cameras, action cameras, auto-recorders, smartphones, instant messengers WhatsApp, etc., social networks Facebook, twitter etc., YouTube, security cameras and any others.

Voice recording and music selection

We can record your voice directly in the studio or perform a voice-over recording by a professional announcer. We can remove the sound from the video and put the music. We will put your music or offer suitable variants from our catalog. We will help to buy a license for music, if it is supposed to be published on YouTube or we will write unique music from scratch, we will write the text and even sing.

Filters and color correction

We can offer you to make color correction and choose the color solution for your video. We correct the errors of the operator and remove the superfluous from the frame. We are able to make the video brighter and fix the white balance. We can soften the skin and remove pimples on the face. We will give a unique style to the image with the help of filters and remove noise due to poor lighting.

Photo-animation and slideshow

We can make a photo retouch – to rid the photos of flaws, remove excess and make them look better. Capable of converting a photo from 2D to 3D (parallax effect) Create a beautiful and dynamic slide show with a hit to the rhythm of the music.

Video-design and graphics

We can create a stylish design for your video: screensavers, piles, pokshoty, stickers. We will sound them with suitable sounds and jingles. Create 2D or 3D animation graphics. Let’s replace the background on your video.

Titles, screensavers and logos

It will not be difficult to animate the logo for intro and voice. We can create titles and dice in a single style, which will appear and disappear the way you want. Use your brand beech or develop a style from scratch.

Effects and Transitions

To add dynamics to the video during the editing process, we can add bright transitions and effects.  you can crop excess from the frame and zoom in on the desired object, or rotate or mirror the frame.

There is an opportunity to speed up or slow down the video, or stop at all on one frame.

Saving to any format

We can save the video for playback on any device: computers, telephones, TVs, projectors, cinemas.

Capable of adapting video for sending via e-mail, WhatsApp and other messengers, and also for uploading videos to VK, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. We can make a gif (gif) or convert finished movies and movies to DCP for demonstration in cinemas.

Small technical tasks

If the video is a little jolted, then we can stabilize it. Shot on the phone vertically? We can rotate the video horizontally in several ways. It’s not a problem for us to clip a video or paste a video together. Sometimes you need to cut video for non-standard tasks – all this is within our power.

Our main services

Visual video editing: with presence in the studio when you need a quick result and exactly what you need.

On-site video editing in your home or office when you need to combine the installation of your video with your daily business.

Video editing on Skype anywhere in the world Participate in editing video watching the process right from home

Video editing on order when you completely trust professionals

Rent of Mac Pro mounting station for self-editing

Operator-editor. Remove and mount for 1 day for those who need high-quality video and online editing with the delivery of the video on the same day.

Store video services.  Assemble the team from the professionals. For those who want to organize the shooting themselves, supervise the whole process and save on it.


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