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Video Compositing services

The video compositing or ” keying ” also called Chroma key  blue screen or green screen  is the technique that allows through the use of a green background (for digital video) or blue (for analog video) to create settings and virtual scenarios in a video where people or objects are taken.

The Compositing video can be applied to complex scenes such as those used for the Lord of the Rings or even to insert a color background as wanted in the shooting of a simple object like a mobile phone.


Some examples where the use of compositing shots is needed:

Compositing of objects

In this work we shot a mobile device with a green background and then we have correctly adjusted the lights in the post-production and removed the background to insert a white one. When filming becomes difficult to have a background of the same color because the exposure changes from time to time when you do the editing you notice the detachment of color and light between one scene and another inserting a virtual background you have instead of always the same passages.

Compositing of people

The scenes in compositing video are often requested when framing actors or promoter of a product in the scene shown below we have isolated the girl’s face by inserting a neutral background that allowed us to adapt the video footage to the scenes of the advertising spot.

Compositing of 3D scenes with the insertion of people

3D compositing is useful when you need to create whole scenes in 3d with the insertion of people within environments. In the video below we made some 3D elevator scenes and included people within the 3D environment within the post-production scenes. Within the 3D scene we have also included the product to be promoted in the video spot made you can see the full commercial here.

Our studio is equipped with a room to shoot video in compositing in this way we can provide the necessary support when your video needs special scenes such as the examples shown.

For any information or request for an estimate please contact us.

Video production of 360 degrees objects on a rotating platform

The video shooting service of objects and products on a 360-degree rotating platform consists of sending the product by the customer and the final delivery of the video in high definition with personalized background.

We can make high definition footage of any small or large object the videos are shot on Green Screen so you can isolate the background and customize it with any color.