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Video Brochure Services

Your new printed documents with moving pictures. Video Brochure Services with integrated video is the new way to present your business or product in an original way. This novel, multi-sensory advertising optimally combines the advantages of paper and multimedia: the lasting visual impression of a well-designed print product, its feel and familiar browsing on the one hand, moving images, sound and music for modern viewing habits on the other.


Application areas

You need an exclusive invitation for your event or company anniversary in a small and handy business card format, an image folder with your image film, a video greeting card, an innovative mailing, or for interactive forms of communication such as training, seminars, press conferences and trade fairs, product information or brand presentation. There are no limits.


One or more videos can be placed on the innovative print media. For multiple videos, buttons are added to the booklet for each video. Buttons can also be used as a pause button and / or volume control.

Are you still missing the right video?

We’re here to help! Whether image films, explanatory videos or animations, we will definitely find the right format for your film.

Your added value

As a supplement, competition ticket, packaging or eye-catching mailing, this flat advertising medium is a real eye-catcher. Take the step and implement your product catalog or company presentation in a different way.


Our video brochures can be ordered in any available format between 4.3 to 10 inches and in different variants from $50 Minimum order quantity 100 pieces.

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