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TV Commercial Production Company in Bangladesh

We create commercials in Bangladesh and also for international client. Promotional video will make your product attractive to customers and investors, increase their loyalty and average bill. Order the production of commercials! The number of transactions will steadily grow, and you can do more important things.

Why do you need shooting of commercials?

A video is a powerful tool that is capable of solving various tasks. Each project is unique, but in general, video advertising allows you to solve the following tasks:

Image: An interesting and well-made commercial with a competent message can improve the brand image.

Customers: The movie is able to attract new customers to your product or service.

PR: Attract investors, shareholders and employees.

Team spirit: Cultivate corporate culture and raise its spirit.

Loyalty: Increase customer loyalty, allows you to remind yourself and stimulate additional sales.


Weprosys Limited is a film and video production company offer commercial production, presidential, congressional and municipal political campaigns, documentaries, music videos, video-brochures, infomercials, short and feature films. Weprosys Limited is a one stop solution for film and video production services including spot advertising, television commercial, video documentaries and corporate or industrial film making, location scouting and recce, camera and grip rental, music video production, talent casting, studio and private property hiring and many more.

-Video Production Professionals
-TV production
-Air Video, aerial shots, Drones, Helicam, aerial photography
-Development, production Film
-Video music clips
-Commercial TV and Film
-Documentaries Enterprise: institutional, corporate, educational, inductive, security and organizational
-Digital editing and special effects
-Shooting in HD Digital Video with high technology.
-Dubbing and subtitling
-Services Pre Production and Post Production
-Audiovisual production services

We are comfortable with every type of production including documentary production, TV commercials production, full scale Bangla movie or a corporate or industrial film, wedding video, new models casting or simple fashion photo shoot, we do all with full dedication and passion!

Why Weprosys Limited?

STRONG TEAM: The biggest achievement is the people who make advertising videos. We are proud of our team. People are gathered bit by bit from a large number of other professionals. At the moment, we have a well-coordinated team that allows us to make high-quality content and develop further. If necessary, we attract specialists from other companies. We do not care about education, but only reliability and real achievements in the profession.

TRANSPARENT PRICING: Fill out the brief or give us a call. After receiving detailed information about the project, we will send you a commercial offer to create an advertising video, where it will be written in detail what you pay for and how much. You will know where each penny goes from the budget. Each unit of technology, specialist and the number of shifts are pre-marked and completely transparent.

MODERN TECHNOLOGY: Every six months, the industry gives out something new. We are constantly learning, trying new equipment and trying to be in trend. We have the most current movie cameras, film lenses, and quad copters. We also have our own pavilion in our studio.

TURNKEY WORK: We can provide services for the development of commercials completely turnkey, but under your clear control. Each action is agreed in advance, as we can prepare not only the script, but also the storyboards, and animatics. Prepare shooting, make it and everything to mount. And find props, actors and location – all in one place. Less contracts with other companies and more convenience for you

INDIVIDUAL APPROACH: Every customer is unique. Everyone has their own specific tasks and features. We carefully get acquainted with your product, we study your service in order to make not just a “good picture”, but a tool that can solve your problems. Individually calculate the cost of the commercial, draw up a contract, write the script and remove. In tight alliance with you. Our client is everything.

ALL OFFICIAL: Let’s make the contract, we will attach the technical task, we will issue all additional agreements, we will invoice. Close all the acts of work performed. We work completely legally. Accredited at tender sites, so we can work with legal entities without any problems, even through tenders.

How is the creation of promotional videos?

Project Discussion: Leave the application, and the manager will contact you. At the first stage it is necessary to understand what kind of video you want to receive. There are different directions, genres, references and options for execution, do not forget about the desired budget. All this and much more needs to be discussed before marking the project.

Scenario: If you have a scenario, it is possible to already name the final cost of production and make an estimate. If not, then we will write it. Moreover, having previously coordinated various concepts. And among the best we will produce a detailed screenplay script with storyboards.

Training: Based on the approved scenario, preparations are being made for the filming of an advertising video. If necessary, casting, search for locations, acting tests, etc. are carried out. This is the most important stage of work, at which all future shootings and post-production are thought out.

Shooting: This is usually the most important and expensive stage in the production of a roller. Remove everything that was stated in the script. Sometimes there is a little improvisation, because it is impossible to foresee everything.

Post processing video: You get a video. If there are comments, make changes. And this is absolutely normal. If all is well, we complete the project.

Video is ready! You get a video. If there are comments, make changes. If all is well, we complete the project. This is a very general work plan. Each project is unique, so shooting video can be much more difficult.