Trade Fair Presentations Through 3D Visualization and 3D Animations 2018-03-28T07:28:14+00:00

Trade Fair Presentations Through 3D Visualization and 3D Animations

Support your trade show appearance with interactive 3D product and process visualizations through large screen projections or stereoscopic displays. Enhance your trade show presentation with eye-catcher and at the same time make the information transfer clearer. We offer almost unlimited possibilities in the optical project implementation and support decisively the way from development and planning over the market introduction up to the constant advertising campaign for your fair presentation.


Advantages of trade fair presentations 3D visualization:

A big advantage of the 3D exhibition presentation is the future usability of the initially created 3D models for various follow-up projects, such as 3D product films / 3D animation for online or trade fair presentation and 3D visualization, ie the generation of photorealistic product renderings.

3D visualization exhibition concept

For the success of a trade fair presentation, a serious, interesting and quickly understandable presentation of the essential product features is of great importance. This works best when the visitor can experience the important product features – often difficult to see or explain on the actual product – even in an intuitive way.

Exhibition stand as 3D visualization

3D visualization booth I

With interactive 3D product presentations, which can be used on a large touchscreen on a trade fair stand directly by the trade fair visitor in a self-explanatory manner, essential product functions can be conveyed clearly; The highly interesting interactive 3D presentation additionally attracts attention.

3D trade fair presentation

3D visualization booth II

With the 3D visualization you can clarify crucial questions already in the planning phase. What will the exhibition stand look like, which elements will fit together, what is the architectural situation in the vicinity of the stand and how should the dimensions be chosen? If you can look at the booth from all angles before, then you may see “problem zones” or come up with new ideas.

3D trade fair presentation

3D visualization exhibition furniture

Not only the stand, but also the equipment of the booth can be made with the 3D visualizations. As a result, optimum utilization of the stand area and use of the exhibition furniture can be guaranteed, both for smaller and larger stands. Thus, the 3D visualizations not only help to optimize the stand design, but also to optimally design the equipment.

3D exhibition furniture