The fascination of 3D buying and selling the future

The fascination of 3D buying and selling the future

The fascination of 3D buying and selling the future. The use of digital technologies within brick-and-mortar stores has increased dramatically in recent years. On the one hand, customers are increasingly using mobile devices to access additional product information and compare prices while shopping. On the other hand, the dealers are increasingly anxious customers through digital technologies multi / Omni-channel offerings in the branch accessible.

There are also stores that use augmented reality to visualize products as 3D models. Product previews through augmented reality combine experience, interaction and information value – and are therefore very effective in creating added value for the customer. For example, LEGO has developed an AR kiosk that allows customers to access virtual previews of LEGO models. For this, customers only need to keep a LEGO packaging in front of the kiosk and the corresponding LEGO model appears as a 3D visualization on the kiosk screen. The 3D visualizations bring the LEGO toys to life and showcasing the gameplay in an impressive way. Customers were excited about the technology and the LEGO kiosk has had a very positive impact on LEGO sales.


Augmented reality functionalities can also be integrated into mirrors, making it possible to virtually try on clothes. The advantage for the customers is that they do not have to try on every garment individually in the store. The retailers also save storage space because they no longer need to have every garment in every color and design in stock.

3D Product Visualization Do you have unique products and do you want to communicate with them externally? Then there are product visualizations for your company. In doing so, a photorealistic model of the product is created. 3D industrial visualization Complex processes of an industrial plant or a machine can best be visualized with the help of 3D animations. For visualization, construction plans such as drawings, sketches.

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