The Digital Sales Assistant in the Furniture Industry

The Digital Sales Assistant in the Furniture Industry

The Digital Sales Assistant in the Furniture Industry. Without loss of time the seller can now compile, at point of sale (POS) Upholstered furniture configure and run in seconds in jobs in the goods sector. The magic word here: the “digital sales assistant”. The system is user-friendly. The seller logs on to his tablet at the Digital Sales Assistant. This gives him access to the upholstery programs of the respective manufacturers. Using color consultation , the customer receives the impressions of “his” product and the seller can arrange his compilation via the 2D planner and complete the configuration with just a few finger clicks.


The merchandise management system has created a correct order in the merchandise management system without annoying typing or copying and without spelling mistakes or numbering, which saves the seller time and, if necessary, complaints. All he has to do is print the sales contract and complete the order. Time savings, quality gains, competent sales people with innovative tools and satisfied customers are ultimately the result.

What works for furniture, has also spread in the automotive industry. Because even car dealerships have to go with the times. Many young car buyers go with their smartphones in the business and show in the negotiations the seller accessories and price lists of the competition. In the US, Audi dealers are therefore upgraded with a software package for Apple iPads. Now they received the first 2,000 devices with the software “Sales Assistant”. Meanwhile, 220 dealers have ordered another 1,000 to 2,000 iPads with the Digital Sales Assistant, as reported by Audi of America.

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