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Terms and Conditions (T&C)

Scope: These terms and conditions apply to the legal transactions of Weprosys Ltd. represented by the CEO Syed Shakil. The offer of Weprosys Ltd. is aimed at business customers.

Subject of the contract: The CEO Syed Shakil operates under the address “Weprosys Ltd.” an Internet service portal, which offers IT | ENGINEERING | IOT| BUSINESS AUTOMATION | BPO | DIGITAL MEDIA | DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY to business customers. These services are performed by an international network of experts. The initial contact start from the customer request via the contact form, by e-mail or by phone call to the company. For more details on the customer project and for a possible meeting,  Weprosys Ltd. will get together with the customer.

Customers or interested parties who would like to use the offered service of Weprosys Ltd. can register with detail information on the contact form. Weprosys Ltd. will send a quotation to the customer after clarification of the factual details. Upon acceptance of the offer we will discuss the details with the customer for the offer implementation.

Rights of use: Only the client can use our resources and they can share their work with other without our concern after making the finale payment.

Delivery time:  Both Client and Weprosys Limited will fix the project Delivery Time.

Cooperation: A smooth and transparent cooperation is important for the successful implementation of projects. For this it is absolutely necessary that the customer informs about all details and peculiarities of the products / projects.

Liability and warranty:  Our liability is limited to deliver the final job to the client, after delivery Weprosys Limited will never take any responsibility for the project job. we always do NDA with clients and we do follow them.

Data Protection and Confidentiality:  we protect the client data and keep it confidential. if anything goes wrong from our side we take the complete responsibility.

Changes / Modifications: we have the due right to change the terms and conditions for various clients according to their perspective.

Miscellaneous: With the publication of an updated version of the T&C,older versions lose their validity.

Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law: For all claims arising from the business relationship, the place of jurisdiction at the registered office of Weprosys Ltd. is agreed as far as legally permissible.