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Terms and Conditions (T&C)

Scope: These terms and conditions apply to the legal transactions of Weprosys Ltd. represented by the owner Syed Shakil. The offer of Weprosys Ltd. is aimed at business customers.

Subject of the contract: The owner Syed Shakil operates under the address “Weprosys Ltd.” an Internet service portal, which offers 3D visualizations, 3D animations, CAD visualizations, virtual tours and virtual reality to business customers. These services are performed by an international network of 3D experts. The initial contact after transmission of the customer request via the contact form, by e-mail or by phone via Weprosys Ltd.. For more details on the customer project and for a possible meeting,  Weprosys Ltd. will get together with the customer.

Customers or interested parties who would like to use the offered service via Weprosys Ltd., register with concrete information on the contact form. Weprosys Ltd. will send a quotation to the customer after clarification of the factual details. Upon acceptance of the offer, we will discuss the details with the customer for the offer implementation and our partner. Invoicing is done by professional 3D.

Rights of use: Rights to the 3D media created by Weprosys Ltd. are exclusively transferred to the respective purpose of the assignment and only to the customer giving the order. Unless otherwise agreed, the transfer is spatially and temporally unlimited. Further rights of use and exploitation remain reserved. A transfer to third parties is expressly objected. This applies if the customer uses the 3D media online or offline in such a way that a third party makes the content his own.

The right to use the 3D media delivered to the customer remains with Weprosys Ltd. until full payment of all payment claims against the customer. The cooperation partner of Weprosys Ltd. Remains entitled to use the 3D media on its own image media of public relations, both online and offline. The customer may object to this with a legitimate interest (eg market launch, prevention of disclosure according to design rights). In individual cases, a different agreement may be made, notwithstanding these General Terms and Conditions.

Delivery time: The cooperation partners of Weprosys Ltd. strive for a timely realization of the orders. Fixed delivery dates can be agreed between the cooperation partners of Weprosys Ltd. and the customer. Completed 3D media are made available on a server to the customer for viewing and final production. The customer will be notified of individual access data by e-mail. In case of complaints, a subsequent delivery period of one week is agreed.

Cooperation: A smooth and transparent cooperation is important for the successful implementation of projects. For this it is absolutely necessary that the customer informs about all details and peculiarities of the products / projects. Tell us exactly what type and level of 3D media you want and for what purpose you use the 3D media.

Liability and warranty: Should Weprosys Ltd., after sending and receiving products by the customer, discover that a photograph could not be realized – or partially – or not locally, this will be communicated to the customer immediately by the cooperation partner. If a regulation within the selected options for.

Photography seems suitable; it will be offered and possibly renegotiated as a new contractual item. If such a renegotiation fails, both parties are entitled to withdraw from the contract. Any costs caused by incorrect information provided by the customer – in particular additional services not previously specified or assumed by the customer as a standard – shall also be reimbursed in the event of withdrawal.

In the case of contract manufacturing of photos, these are uploaded to a server after production and post-processing. Insofar as the customer requests rework, regardless of the existence of a defect, this will be provided within a further week. A rework with the provision of completely new images is excluded.

A reasonable reduction in the remuneration is only possible in the case of an objective defect and unsuccessful rework. An objective defect exists if the contractually guaranteed target condition of the photos does not deviate only insignificantly from the actual condition. It is at the discretion of the cooperation partner of Weprosys Ltd.in individual cases to make improvements outside the guaranteed scope of processing. There is no obligation.

Weprosys Ltd. or its cooperation partners are liable by their own fault if products which have been put into operation for the purpose of product photography are damaged by grossly negligent or even intentional acts or omissions. Customers are requested to inform about dangers of shipping, opening of parcels, building of products, if necessary about special characteristics. You are to blame if it comes due to improper information damage.

Data Protection and Confidentiality: Weprosys Ltd. is committed to protecting the personal data of the customer in the form prescribed by the authority. Customers can always see the scope of the data you have stored by asking Weprosys Ltd. for information. You may also request their deletion insofar as the data is not necessarily stored to prove the business transactions of Weprosys Ltd. and to the authorities authorized to provide information. Weprosys Ltd. will protect data security for third parties and close contract data processing contracts.

Weprosys Ltd. is entitled, but not obliged, to store finished recordings for a period of up to 2 years on a server. Both parties to the contract undertake to keep each other confidential regarding such trade secrets brought to the knowledge of the contractor. The same applies with regard to the further conditions of the individual contract agreed between the parties.

Not covered by secrecy is the possibility of naming the customer as a reference of Weprosys Ltd. or its cooperation partners who handle the customer’s order. For this purpose, the manufactured and transferred 3D media may be used online and offline. The customer is entitled to object at any time with effect for the future.

Changes / Modifications: Weprosys Ltd. may change the conditions for the use of the contractual offer at any time. Weprosys Ltd. communicates the changes with a note on its website to the customer. Insofar as the customer makes use of the offer of Weprosys Ltd. after the notification of a change, he Accepts this change. Weprosys Ltd. may terminate or reverse any or all aspects of its offer at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

Miscellaneous: With the publication of an updated version of the T&C, older versions lose their validity. Place of fulfillment for the contractual obligations and services is legally permissible, the seat of Weprosys Ltd… International law applies. Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid and / or void for any reason whatsoever, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Ineffective and / or void provisions must be replaced in such a way that the desired economic purpose is achieved.

Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law: For all claims arising from the business relationship, the place of jurisdiction at the registered office of Weprosys Ltd. is agreed as far as legally permissible.