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Technical Writing Services

Design of texts for brochures, company presentations, websites, newsletters, monographs or promotional publications . Consolidated collaboration with graphic, image and communication professionals. Realization of complete projects, able to enhance messages and contents on an international scale.

The Technical Writing

One of the obvious characteristics of technical writing is its technical content, which for the present purpose is that which falls within the general field of science and engineering. Therefore, a document or technical writing is the written exposition of scientific and technical contents associated with science and engineering.


But apart from the content, the technical writing has other characteristics, one of them is its formal aspect.

For example:

– There are different conventional forms of technical reports such as pre-projects, progress reports or proposals.

– There are certain forms of style, such as the use of reflexive passive voice.

– There are certain forms of graphic aids , such as graphs and diagrams .

– There is a high concentration of certain presentation techniques , in particular, definitions, description of mechanisms, description of processes , classification and interpretation ; many times several of them in a single report .

Another characteristic of technical writing is its scientific point of view.

– Ideally, the technical writing is impartial and objective, clear and exact in the presentation of the information.

– Use a scientific and technical vocabulary, since the technical writings are mostly directed to a specific audience.

– What engineers write is an objective foundation that will be used at some point to help someone make a decision.

In elementary terms the technical writing can be divided into two parts or aspects:

  1. The final products, such as reports, which are specific packages that are delivered to a recipient.
  2. The skills involved in the preparation of the final product.

The final products of technical writing are the result of the routine work of an engineer. If engineers can not successfully communicate their ideas to inform others what they have done, all their effort was useless.

In addition, the more experience engineers acquire, the more often they are asked for recommendations to make decisions or make decisions themselves. On the other hand, the clients of the companies write letters requesting advice on their technical problems and those letters must be answered. Within the   industrial and academic institutions, engineers regularly have to write reports, letters and memoranda.

Engineers who want to achieve a good reputation seek to publish articles in professional journals.

However, the documents most sought after are the report’s letter and craft

The final products of the technical writing are the following:

– Business letters

– Various types of reports : pre-projects, progress reports, final reports and others.

– Articles for technical journals

– Abstracts

– Brochures

– Proposals

Graphic auxiliaries – graphs , diagrams , drawings and others – are simultaneously a product and involve the mastery of a technique. these must be indispensable.

The most important part of the report is the first page, the summary. The summary is the summary of the work .

This page – or paragraph – helps readers quickly determine if the report contains information that is of interest to you and, therefore, worth reading. A concise, informative and well-written summary will not only be appreciated by readers, but will have a positive influence on their attitudes towards the entire document.

The skills that require particular attention are the following:

– Technical special technical writing

– Technical style

– Writing of introductions

– Use of transitions

– Construction of tables of contents

– Preparation of conclusions

– Construction of indexes

– Incorporation of notes

– Preparation of bibliographies

– Use of lists

There are certain techniques that the technical writer uses frequently, although they are not exclusive to technical writing, and they are important parts of a whole (for example: a report).

Consequently the technical author must know them. The most important are the definition, the description of mechanisms, the description of processes and the classification.

Each of these writing problems requires careful attention

The nature and complexity of the topics covered in the technical documents involve the author in some stylistic problems, especially those related to clarity.

The writing of the introductions, the transitions and the conclusions implies the technique of telling the readers, first: what they are going to communicate, second: communicate them and third: tell them what they have already been told.

Finally, grammar is not a formal topic of technical writing, but it is a necessity to raise the quality of documents.