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Tax Processing Services

We are the perfect alliance to offer a service according to the needs of the market. File, Verification of documents, indexing, capture, application of policies defined by the entity, verification of policies with exception, handling of returns and control of the operation from the moment it is established until it reaches the Bank.

Applies to all products:

We carry out the processing of the information filled out by the taxpayers in each form, under the standards of quality, safety and response times demanded by the state entities.



-Collection of information.

-Documentary control.



-Recovery of missing.

-Consignation Generation.

-Capture the information.

-Report generation.

-Conformation of packages.

-Track the process step by step through Web page.

Tax consulting services

-Tax consulting to create and maintain the reputation of an impeccable taxpayer

-Analogue field inspection

-An analogue of on-site inspection

-Support of tax audits

-Support of tax disputes

-Accounting and tax consulting

-Preparation for tax audit

-Consultations on VAT refund

-Appeal of tax audit acts

-Tax audit of counterparty

-International tax planning


The range of issues under consideration for different business entities is significantly different. Tax consulting for legal entities includes many nuances, while individuals are more often interested in problems associated with paying taxes, as well as benefits and deductions.

Specialists of Weprosys Ltd. conducts tax consultations in USA, the region and regional centers. Our professionals have a broad specialization, extensive experience and many developments related to the solution of tax issues.

Tax law is the area in which you need deep knowledge, knowledge of the constant changes and adjustments to the legislation. Tax consultation for legal entities allows you to find out questions concerning any broad specialization, taking into account all the subtleties and nuances.

We conduct tax consultations in USA with the solution of such issues as:

-Assistance in the organization of tax accounting, delivery of accounts;

-Choice of the taxation system;

-The possibility of reducing the tax burden on the company through all sorts of benefits, deductions;

-Assistance in developing an action plan for future inspections;

-Appealing decisions of employees of the tax service and their actions.

Specialists of Weprosys Ltd. conduct tax consultations for legal entities, helping in solving serious issues related to taxes. We help to thoroughly understand the existing problem, to form the right legal position with the drawing up of a detailed and clear plan of action.

Our help is especially relevant when conducting a tax audit. Professionals of Weprosys Ltd. do not get lost even in the most difficult situations and help the supervisor answer the questions of the inspectors as accurately as possible and correctly.

Company we work with:



-Construction and development;


Services and services (B2B).

We always strive to conduct work in accordance with the terms of the contracts concluded. However, understanding that every company is a living organism in which much is changing quickly, we reserve the right to raise the issue of adjusting the main goals and progress of work for the client.

We prefer to do the work that is not foreseen by the contract, rather than do the work for which we have committed ourselves.

At the end of the consulting project, we strive to maintain relations with customers. We feel responsibility for the further fate of their businesses and continue to participate in this fate, if for the will of the Client. The biggest motivation for Weprosys Ltd. managers is the sincere gratitude and recognition of the management of client companies that in the development and success of their business there is a significant leap of effective efforts of the Weprosys Ltd.