Tailored booth design with 3D visualization

Tailored booth design with 3D visualization

Tailored booth design with 3D visualization. Before you start with the actual stand planning, you should define the goals of the participation in the fair. Why do you go to this fair specifically? What is the stated goal? Would you like to advise, inform, sell, primarily establish contacts or are you looking for new business partners? Even before the actual start of production, optimum exhibition stand solutions can be achieved with the exhibition stand visualizations.


Due to the realistic visualization, different stand ideas can be tried out and selectively optimized. Our work therefore begins with a thorough analysis of your claims. If these are fundamentally defined, we design a tailor-made documentation of your trade fair presentation. Photorealistic visualizations and realizable architecture are as much a part of our portfolio as a transparent cost representation.

In particular, the flexibility of the exhibition systems is underlined by the 3D visualizations, since different models can be co-developed from a system directly. Not only the stand, but also the equipment of the booth can be made with the 3D visualizations. As a result, optimum utilization of the stand area and use of the exhibition furniture can be guaranteed, both for smaller and larger stands. Thus, the 3D visualizations not only help to optimize the stand design, but also to optimally design the equipment.

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