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Outsource Supply Chain Management Applications

Weprosys Ltd. is a partner of companies seeking cutting-edge solutions that combine innovation, application of new technologies and extensive functional coverage. These solutions are the result of hundreds of successful projects all over the world for logistics in the main production, distribution and logistics sectors.

The new challenge in supply chain management regards the administration of executive and planning processes taking into account two important aspects:

The efficiency of the processes and the improvement of the best practices gained over the years by the company organization, with the aim of obtaining higher and higher performance at reduced costs and using technologies that improve the efficiency of the operations.


The new business models and the growth and diversification of sales and distribution channels imply new dynamics. Obvious examples are e-commerce, either direct, either through specific providers, or the direct sale of their products and services in a new country or region.

At the same time, new services are developed for companies that require real-time contact modes: next-generation technologies make it possible to securely implement mobile access to applications and their distribution to users who are not part of their own organization or directly to its customers. The opportunities offered by the Cloud Computing and the SaaS become, therefore, key elements in the applications for the Supply Chain. Weprosys Ltd. offers a portfolio of solutions and services able to best interpret these needs, to implement them and manage them on an international scale.

Supply chain planning, inbound and outbound logistics, warehouse management and transportation management. Weprosys Ltd. offers a complete portfolio of services, which, in stand-alone or bundled mode, provide innovative supply chain solutions: Logistics Consulting, Infrastructure Development, Creation of Application Solutions based on the Weprosys Ltd. product suite, Applications and Facilities Management, Transport Management, Value Chain Planning, Product Lifecycle Management.

Weprosys Ltd. is a key partner for companies that need cutting-edge solutions, both for its proprietary applications and as a system integrator for the main third-party applications.

Value Chain Planning

The value chain represents the sequence of basic and support activities carried out by a company throughout the supply chain, to offer its customers value-added services and, at the same time, reduce execution times and reduce costs, while keeping them under control. A VCP system (Value Chain Planning) integrates different supply chain activities, from the demand to the planning of the distribution through the logistic network, exploiting complex prediction algorithms, and supports companies in the management and anticipation of the production of products / services to make them immediately available to customers, anticipating their needs.

Product Lifecycle Management

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is the process of managing the entire life cycle of a product, from the initial idea, with the design and creation of the prototype, to the launch, use of the service and disposal. The PLM process includes the organization of human resources, business processes, the centralization of product data and business systems. The adoption of a PLM environment allows companies to reduce the time to market and costs of prototyping, to increase sales and margins, to improve the quality of products and processes, to increase compliance with regulatory requirements and to maximize collaboration of the supply chain.

We offer Service of Cloud Computing solutions for warehouse and inventory management, warehousing and tracking services close to transportation. it includes Appointment scheduling for the collaborative management of transport and appointment of loading and unloading to the bays of warehouses, plants and distribution centers,  Warehouse Management System for the efficient and accurate management of warehouse processes of the preparation and shipment activities, Hub (parcel & container) for the management of packages and containers at sorting centers, platforms and transit points, Delivery for tracking and certification of deliveries in last mile management and Point of sales for the receipt of the product in point of sale, visibility and tracking of the inventory.