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Outsource SugarCRM Development Services

CRM is a managerial philosophy that puts the customer at the center of every decision. The best way to implement it is through a software platform, specifically through software accessible via browser from any device capable of connecting to the internet.

In this case it becomes a valuable tool for the sales and marketing team to increase the profitability of the individual customer (loyalty), to increase the customer base, to create new contacts, to keep the history of all the activities carried out for them and increase the company productivity .



The CRM allows:

-Keep track of the Appointments Calendar of all Agents

-Check the trend of the Commercial Offers

-Monitor the activities of the Complaints Office and the Telemarketing Office

-Create targeted Massive Email Marketing Campaigns

-Protect corporate know-how

-Make your website profitable by acquiring new customers

-Eliminate paperwork and long phone calls every evening to receive reports


-Geolocation: representation on Google Map of customers, potentials, meetings, business opportunities

-Mass Email Marketing thanks to the integration with Mail Chimp.

-Custom Reporting.

-Mobile interface: use of CRM using the native Quick CRM APP developed by the NS-Team Partner for any device with an iOS or Android operating system.

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM TM is the most widespread Open Source CRM in the world; it is currently used by over 1.4 million users in 120 countries. It has therefore been translated into more than 26 languages. Since 2013, it has stopped developing the Community version of its software, which has allowed the US Company to concentrate its efforts on the complete restructuring of its commercial offer. SugarCRM is a flexible and easy to use solution for the management of the company business; it is based on web technology; which allows you to work anywhere from any device you can connect to the network, even via smartphones and tablets. It allows you to always have information about customers, updated in real time thanks to a secure connection.


-Personal data management





-Work Groups

Marketing Management



-Email Marketing

-Email Templates

-Lists Goals

Commercial Management


-Management Claims


-Sales Forecast

-Revenues – order lines

Activities Management



-Phone Calls

-Tasks (To Do)

Notes (and Attachments)





SugarCRM can be used in On Demand mode (on Cloud managed directly by SugarCRM) or On Premise (on own hosting or Proprietary Server). In any case, you pay SugarCRM based on the number of licenses purchased. Prices and versions are available here.

Weprosys Ltd., is enrolled in the SugarCRM Development Program and is able to develop customizations for SugarCRM 6 and 7, both On Demand and On Premise, keeping in mind that in the first situation (due to the imposed security restrictions) not all functions are available.