Successful Content Marketing

Successful Content Marketing

Successful Content Marketing. Content Marketing has most likely been the hottest topic on the Internet. However, content marketing is basically not about advertising, but more about things like building brands and communities. Content marketing is about reaching people. The purpose can be different: Sometimes you want to inform, sometimes explain something. Basically, however, the content should end up with very specific people.

The content is most important. Nevertheless, it can not hurt to pay attention to the packaging. And on the Internet, where the competition is just a click away, it’s especially important to make a good impression. So you should renounce dusty design trends, but at the same time not run after each new development. Basically, clear and simple structures have proven to be successful, and if the visual editing of content helps to understand the content itself better and faster, then you have achieved your goal. The less one is distracted as a user of content and important facts, the better. In this way you reach your target group much better and, above all, more sustainable.


Good content “alone is not enough, you have to leave a lasting impression on your users.”Good Content” is the first step in the right direction, leaving the definition room for speculation. And those who are concerned with the generation of high-quality content know that content ideas are not just flown through the window. Alone the idea for a content that should grab the users and get carried away is often difficult to find.

When experiences and practices that users experience during a game are used in areas outside of the classic games, it is called gamification. The topic is currently found everywhere and is seen as part of content marketing: in the application of playful competition and the rules of a game in the context of content marketing. Content is not only taken up by the user playfully and communicated via social networks, it is designed to connect the user to the content through the games atmosphere, such as through interactive content, and – without the user being aware of it – actively promoting the company’s goals.

By gamification the content addresses elementary human needs. Every human being has a play instinct and wants to compete with others. This succeeds mostly through incentives such as a points system in the “game” with other playful elements, such as rankings, awards, the acquisition of virtual goods and the ascent through several levels. These mechanisms known from games bring a kind of voluntary nature in the actions because if the content is perceived as a game, the customers use it rather than if it is perceived as an obvious promotion.

An important result of content: companies reduce their costs in areas as diverse as product support and customer feedback and simultaneously increase brand loyalty through the integrative effect of forums, communities, virtual goods and social networks.

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