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Storyboard Design Services

In the video production field we also offer storyboards as a service. It is an essential phase of the creative process, which allows you to visualize the original idea in images, to fix it and to evaluate different possibilities of realization, finding, for example, the best or the most easily realized framing. In this process Weprosys Ltd. accompanies you with its experience and creativity

What is Storyboard

The storyboard is designed version of the script or at least of its most difficult parts to turn. The main scenes of the film are drawn as in a balloon shot for shot. It has emerged with the birth of the study-system that is that recording studio system that allowed you to plan exactly the shooting. Today it is mandatory in commercials which create an artificial world and must communicate a clear message in a limited time.


our storyboard designer works closely with the director and often more than one author is considered a mere display of another building. The storyboard will begin three to six weeks before the shooting according to the budget. For productions with elaborate sets and effects it can also serve a year.

Our Story Board Design Used in:

Video services: We have always focused on our video making business because we are aware of how important it is to be able to provide the widest range of services and solutions for our customers. We are equally aware that many digital activities can no longer be independent of the use of original, true images and emotions.

Photographic services: Specialized in the creation of photographic services for e-commerce and digital catalogs, we combine the creative approach with the purely functional approach in terms of communication. We take for the Social Networks or to communicate a great event, do not call us for weddings or to photograph your puppies, we take pictures of larger digital projects.

Motion graphic and animations: We cannot hide our disproportionate love for motion graphics videos . This type of project stimulates our purest creativity beyond any other situation. The results are equally great, with immediacy and a much lower cost compared to a classic video production

Video editing and post-production: The entire development phase of the video project passes directly from our internal team. We stand openly against outsourcing because on many occasions the video product is destined to work for a web marketing or social management project. This is why we cannot afford not being able to follow all the stages of the development of a video project from within

Short films and web series: Our team comes from a pure education in cinematographic optics and in good and bad we are conditioned. Probably all this will imply certain fussiness in the direction of photography and screenplay proposals that we cannot help but the dream of our whole life … And we are used to always give voice to these dreams.