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Software testing services for industries

Do you require flexibility to meet your software testing needs?

From our facilities, we become an extension of your company, assigning a team of test engineers to cover your needs, supervising the quality and effectiveness of the process.

Our Software Testing Outsourcing Service offers trained test engineers who work on your company’s projects from our facilities, and who can stick to a version of our internationally certified process, which we would adapt considering the processes of your organization.

With the Software Testing Outsourcing service you can count from the first day with a testing team that follows a process based on the international quality models in which we are certified: TMM ( Testing Maturity Model , Level 3) and TPI ( Test Process Improvement , “Efficient” level). We also have certified test engineers, who if necessary could join the team formed to meet their needs.


If you…

He has peaks of work and needs flexibility to grow his testing equipment;

You want to have the support of a third party specialized in software testing, which provides greater objectivity, maturity and quality to your processes;

Look for a specialist that frees him from recruitment, selection, hiring, training, and retention of personnel for the testing area; as well as the concern of the adequacy of spaces for that staff;

Then hire us a test team that gives you the support you need to complete your projects in a timely manner. Our specialists are at your service!


If necessary, we sign a confidentiality agreement with the Client.

We define the needs of the project, together with the Client.

With the above information, we generated a project proposal.

If the proposal is approved, we sign a service contract and carry out the project.

We generate deliverables: several partial reports and a final report.

We made the closure of the project.

In the previous issue we talked about the context of the software test. On this occasion, we will concentrate on defining some definitions related to the software test, as well as its justification and scope.