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Outsource Software Maintenance and Support Services

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance (or support) is the process of improving and optimizing software (software) before putting it into operation. Software maintenance is one of the phases of the software development process, following the phase of the implementation of the main technical task.

In the course of support, the defects and defects found are corrected. Also new functionality is added, changes are made to improve usability (usability) of the program.


Software support services include such works as:

-Correcting errors and troubleshooting issues not previously identified.

-Optimization of the program under various operating conditions.

-Updating and finalizing according to the requirements of the Customer.

-Preventive maintenance of databases of the information system.

-Preparation of technical and user documentation.

-Updating of program modules and used libraries taking into account modern technologies.

The software maintenance work is carried out in close contact with the customer’s staff, which allows more dynamic development of the software, promptly changing the development priorities. Also, the time needed to reconcile the work plan is shortened, since additions and fixes are usually less global than in the development of the program kernel. The necessary support package is negotiated with each client individually.

Remote Support Services

The technical support Weprosys Ltd. will provide highly qualified assistance in localization and problem solving. This optimizes the efforts of your staff to eliminate software maintenance problems, minimizes the loss of user’s working time and increases the overall efficiency of the information and computer system.

On-site support services

In combination with remote support services, the specialists will provide expert level of resolution of problems on the spot in case of real or potential damage to the business, as well as support during installations and on-site software customization.

Planning and design services

The complex of planning and design services is designed to help prepare information systems for work in your production environment in accordance with business requirements and taking into account the development and expansion of your requirements.

Installation Services

We will ensure the installation and connection of systems on site, which will help to accelerate the commissioning of equipment and software. The services are designed in such a way as to help manage the following phases of the life cycle of your computer system:

Software planning

We will develop a plan for installing and / or migrating software, paying special attention to the requirements associated with application software, system performance, and network communication requirements.

Software installation

We will install and install the electronic queue software on your system (centralized or distributed) and provide integration with other necessary components. Upon completion of the installation, you will receive a fully configured, tested, ready-to-run system, provided with detailed documentation reflecting the settings and modifications made to the operating system and system software.