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Social Media Campaign in Bangladesh

Weprosys Limited is the leading Video Promotion and PR service provider in the Internet. We provide best Social Media Campaign in Bangladesh. Our company offers a full range of services for the development and promotion of an advertising campaign in social networks. Increasing the popularity of your brand or service (the so-called “seeding”) on the Internet:

creating, processing, maintaining and promoting (pumping) accounts and groups, posting news, press releases, videos and photo materials in social networks (youtube, linkedin Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Livejournal)

forums, blogs and microblogs. According to the criteria you set, we conduct your blogs and communities (web2.0, Blogspot, Dairy, etc.) and microblogging (Twitter,Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and others), publish news, announce all campaign events, etc.

distribution of viral video on leading video portals. Torrents, Varezniki, Internet labels and other services.

promotion (views, comments, likes, etc.) of your promo videos, video clips, viral videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and many more.

Promotion of a video clip of a song in the Internet, promotion of a video on you tube in contactToday, no one doubts the fact that the Internet space has become the most important advertising platform, surpassed in its popularity of the press and radio. And for many goods and services of a youth orientation, it is completely basic, because today the number of active Internet users in our country is comparable to the number of viewers. Therefore, it is not surprising that many company owners prefer to promote a brand in social networks through the global network.

Promotion of a video clip of a song on the Internet, how to get on the radio

Let’s talk about the most effective type of advertising – videos. According to statistics, about 60% of people look through to the end of advertising (commercial), they met on one of the Internet pages. And about 40% of people then go on the proposed advertising link. Someone just for the sake of curiosity, someone because he is really interested in the proposal.

It would seem that it could be easier – we place our promotional videos on the Internet and wait for visitors. Doubt that they will not even arise. Provided, of course, that there will be the same views that lead users to the site. And the last logical step – to the largest, most popular and popular video hosting – YouTube. Agree, it is unlikely any other entertainment portal can compare with it in the number of visitors.

So the promotion of the video on YouTube is the most effective, and ultimately financially beneficial, way of advertising. Our company offers you the service of placing and promotion of a video on the pages of the most popular video hosting. Moreover, this is not necessarily to be advertising? Your first music video or presentation video about a new service package from an Internet provider, a viral video or a concert video may also need to be promoted. And just for this purpose, the perfect platform will be YouTube!

Video Promotion and PR in the Internet

On YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook watc the following conditions:

Absolutely all views are “live”. We do not use cheaters, spam and other black methods. Your video will be watched only by those people whom it really interested. That is, you get potentially interested visitors. After our promotion, you will continue to receive a stream of views on your video. This is our advantage

We conclude a contract

-We give a guarantee from the roller ban

-We give a guarantee against the “freeze” (freezing) of the counter

-Targeting by cities and countries is possible.

-Up to 100,000 views per day

-Complete privacy

-100% reputation transactions