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Smart Affordable Home Automation Solutions Bangladesh

Affordable home automation solutions using IoT and reputed smart products,Turnkey Smart Home, installation and design and Smart Home to automate any object. The Smart Home system is an automated control system. This means that control functions are distributed between human and automatic systems, with manual control taking precedence. Convenience and ease of managing the whole variety of equipment and systems united by the Smart Home system into one organism is one of the main advantages of the system.

To communicate with the system and control it, the whole variety of tools from traditional button switches of various designs to touch-sensitive video panels and voice control (siri, google assistant, Alexa Alice) are used. Moreover, switches and control panels are not associated with a specific lamp, air conditioning.

The keypad, equipped with a micro-controller, and connected to the Smart Home system, is able to control the lighting in all rooms, as well as, for example, the climate or the volume of the music. The functionality of each button is set pro-grammatically and can be changed as desired.

Touch panels are a multi-functional interactive system control and monitoring system for your home.

The intuitive user interface of the Smart Home system is created in accordance with the wishes of the customer. On the touch video panels, a plan of any room or surrounding area is displayed, pictures from video cameras are displayed. Light touch to the screen, you can change the operating modes of air conditioners, lighting and other systems, activate any scenario of the entire complex, and put the system into a fully automatic mode.

Video panels can be stationary or portable, of various sizes and designs. You can manage the system using a personal computer or laptop connected to the Smart Home system via a local network or via the Internet.

Rapidly developing remote access technologies via the Internet or mobile systems allow you to monitor and control the processes taking place at home, being far away from it.

To increase comfort, the Smart Home control system can have a set of typical “scenarios” of automated work with fixed preset settings.

Lighting, a socket network, security systems and air-conditioning systems, multimedia, and telecommunications are connected to one automation system, which allows controlling and changing the conditions in a complex. These settings are determined by the customer and are programmed at the installation stage of the System. When operating the Smart Home system in any “scenario”

Example scenario:

In the “No one” mode, all devices and subsystems will be transferred to the most secure and energy-efficient mode of operation, in which all electrical consumers are disconnected except for the on-duty devices (security system) and of course the System itself. In this mode, the Smart Home monitors the state of engineering communications and systems, monitors unauthorized access to the premises or the territory. Emergency and emergency situations The Smart Home will notify the owner by means of a phone call or SMS message, and if it is entrusted to it, they will reach the special services (police, fire department …).

User management functionality:

Through its management interface is running or on a separate built-in touch panel, or on your desktop PC or on your smartphone will be available the following functions:

– Light control and scenarios

– Climate Control

– Control of lighting scenarios

– Manage your music

– Video management and arming

– Notifications from engineering systems about serviceability and faults

Multiroom and Smart Home

Multiroom is a system for multi-distribution of audio and video signals. It allows you to listen to music in any room or on the street, regardless of the location of the sound source (which may be a satellite receiver, Blueray, CD, DVD-player, FM tuner, surveillance cameras, video intercom). The number of both zones and signal sources may be unlimited. The system is controlled by stationary (wall-mounted and desktop) push-button panels, a remote control or touch panels. They help to control the parameters of the signal source from each zone. The main advantage of multiroom: all equipment is concentrated in only one place, and in all other rooms – speakers built into the ceiling or walls.

Audio / video systems from the company allow you to:

-switching on any signal source and its duplication, if necessary, by zones;

-switching to the desired program;

-volume control;

-output to the TV or monitor images from video intercom or surveillance cameras;

-installation of the system’s system operation in various modes (muting the signal during telephone calls);

-stop broadcast with subsequent playback from broadcast

Climate control in a smart home

The climate control system is used to maintain and change the parameters of temperature, humidity and circulation of fresh air outside and indoors. The work of the system is provided by a set of various means: forced ventilation, air conditioning, electric or water heating.

Air quality control, filtration, maintenance of ideal parameters.

To control the parameters, a variety of sensors are used that record the current state of the climate in your home, switches and panels. The latter are used to establish the mode of operation of climate systems and to display the obtained indicators. You can customize the individual climate for each room.

-To carry out heating of the premises in accordance with the desired temperature;

-Set a lower temperature in the room, for example, at night;

-Program the required temperature conditions;

-Configure a more economical mode of operation of the climate control components;

-Set the alert function in case of system malfunctions (water leaks, excessive pressure in the pipes).

-In intelligent mode, maintain an ideal state of life support

-The solutions offered by us are built on the basis of the products of companies: Daikin, Mitsubishi, Swegon, Fujitsu, DEVI, etc.

Mobile application to control smart home

Smart home control is available from mobile applications (iOS, Android), voice commands (Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa etc.), desktop or wall-mounted touch panels and switches.

Lighting control in a smart home

Intelligent lighting systems Smart Home – ergonomic control of light scenarios at home.

The operation of lighting systems in rooms, the whole building or in the surrounding area is subordinated to various push-button switches, push-button panels equipped with a microcontroller, and touch panels. Also, each switch key can be programmed to perform a different set of functions, for example, setting the modes: “I am at home”, “All gone”, etc. The automatic operation of the lighting system is carried out using various sensors, external and internal, and timers for programmable activation and turn off lights at a specified time, by the presence and illumination.

-Turning on / off the light from any room of your home with an unlimited number of lamps in the premises;

-Regulation of the brightness of the lamps (dimming);

-Reproduction of predefined light scenarios (depending on the presence in the room of a person, the time of day – for example, “evening”, year – “winter”, illumination);

-Ensuring energy-saving lighting mode, on holidays, or in conditions of overconsumption.

-Intelligent light control saves energy. They can be redistributed in favor of the energy-consuming equipment itself. In addition to the function of reducing the peak load, it increases the service life of lamps.

Smart home security system

The security system of the Smart Home is a set of functions to ensure the comfort of your life. These include: burglar and fire alarms, access control, the state of engineering subsystems, video surveillance, etc.

The current state of protected areas is monitored by wired and wireless sensors (for example, window, door, movement, smoke sensors). Depending on the type of signal, they cause the corresponding response of the control system. If the sensor detects a fire hazard, the system decides to turn off the power by sending a message to the security console. In the event of an unauthorized intrusion, the system also transmits an alarm signal to the security console, includes audible and visual alarms. Output to the plasma panels and control interfaces of images and messages about the place and actions of the system at this particular moment in the event of an emergency situation.

Access control to the building (biometric access, access via Bluetooth, NFC, use of cards with an individual code, scanner of the retina, audio or video intercom);

Control of unauthorized access to the premises, taking the necessary measures in the event of an intrusion (warning through a loud-speaking line, locking the doors, calling security, dialing special services) and restricting entry to certain rooms (for staff);

Video surveillance system (recording and displaying images on a monitor, TV, computer or via the Internet) outside the building and in the premises;

Specialized control and automatic elimination of failures in the work of engineering systems (in case of water leaks, gas leaks). The work of fire extinguishing systems, ventilation.

Information security (all systems are activated using a unified management system)

-Active protection against wiretapping

-Active Record Suppression System

-GSM signal suppression system

-The system of suppressing information components in the power network

-Acoustic vibration damper system

-Information Security System

-Automatic activation during meetings and negotiations (by scenario)

-Power systems in the smart home

The Smart Home System is an interaction of technically complex highly sensitive equipment. As a guarantee of its stable operation, it is important to provide for a continuous and high-quality power supply.

The main function of uninterruptible power supply is to ensure the operability of electronic equipment in the moments of the main power supply shutdown.

Uninterruptible power systems include:

-rechargeable batteries;

-voltage converters;

-charging device;

-petrol and diesel generators (for high-power consumers).

The generators are equipped with an automatic startup and jamming system with load switching. Additionally, control takes place using remote controls.

With a brief power outage, the system smoothes dips and voltage spikes. With a longer interval of power failure, a regular shutdown of electronic equipment occurs (with the exception of the security, communication, and self subsystems). Notification occurs by sending an SMS to a mobile phone or via the Internet.

Installation of Smart Home Systems in Dhaka Bangladesh and all region of Bangladesh.

Weprosys Limited has over 2 years experience in the development of complex engineering and IT systems. We build our smart home solutions using equipment from leading global manufacturers such as: ABB, Schneider Electric, Jung, Gira, Beckhoff, Honeywell, Trend. Our solutions support any third-party systems. We are the integrator of all leading world standards for automation, such as KNX , lonworks, twincat, rs232 / 485, modbus tcp / rtu, tcp / ip, dali, dali 2, dmx, ethercat and others.

For security systems, we use the best solutions from Honeywell Security , Fermax , SSS Siedle , Morpho .

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-Light or Fan On/Off Circuit (4 Nos.)
-Dimming Circuits
-Geyser Control
-Washroom Walk in stand alone (1 nos.)
-Mood Lighting
-Roller Shutter (for Curtain)
-Energy Metering (Available)

-Door Sensor (1 Nos.)
-Smoke Sensor
-Multi Sensor
-Event Recording (Available)

Audio Video:
-Single Room TV/AC

Access Systems:
-Android/ioS App (Free)
-Global Access (Free)
-Gesture Frame
-Video Gate System
-No of Users Access (Unlimited)
-Voice Control

-Remote Support Lifetime* (Free)
-Energy Metering
-Event Recording
-Users Id (Unlimited) created – 1 nos.
-Scenes (Unlimited) created – 1 nos.
-Voice Control Programming