Shopping in the 3d virtual supermarket

Shopping in the 3d virtual supermarket

Shopping in the 3d virtual supermarket. Shopping on the way to or from work without having to go to a store – that’s now possible in Seoul, where a supermarket chain built virtual stores in subway stations. Users only have to take a picture of the desired product and the goods are delivered home.

A British supermarket chain offers a new way of online shopping. Users waiting for their subway can now use the time to shop for groceries. But the chain brought photos of shopping shelves, as they would find users in the store. Shopping works with the help of the smartphone. The user simply photographs the corresponding QR codes of the desired products and these land directly in the shopping basket of the online shop. After payment, the goods will be delivered to your home – according to the commercial on the same evening.


As the company explains, users are accepting the new opportunity very well. More than 10,000 consumers were already shopping in the virtual stores and sales through the chain’s online store grew by 130 percent. The idea behind the virtual shop is therefore to bring the store to the people without increasing the number of supermarkets. It also saves a lot of time, which can then be used for recreational activities. It now remains to be seen when the first virtual supermarket will open in Europe or in Germany.

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