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SEO Link Building Services

SEO Link Building services. There are no doubts to get results in search engines and be able to get the top 10 is essential to have a good link profile, in particular the inbound links are crucial to give your web project the necessary authority because Google decides to show your pages before those of your competitors.

Because it is so important to do Link Building activities

If you take the time to analyze even a single website positioned with a competitive keyword in the first search results of Google, you will realize that the site in question receives many incoming links. It is an unequivocal fact, a site that does not receive links is not positioned in the SERP, and consequently it does not receive users and lost in the myriad of web pages on the internet is almost useless.


The link profile of a website has always been a factor behind Google’s algorithm. The analysis of the inbound links was the keystone of the success of the search engine of Mountain View, now buried Page Rank beat the antagonists Yahoo and Alta vista who ordered the SERP only based on the contents of the web pages, without taking into consideration the only way to understand how those pages were liked by users: how many and which links received the Internet universe. Google has remained focused on links by refining its positioning model with Google Penguin updates that link to the profile link a principle of quality and not just quantity, without losing sight of the importance of content. Probably today, Google is the only search engine that has been able to fight Back SEO and penalize in a surgical way the sites with contents and profiles link artifacts, almost to eradicate them from the internet as if they were a disease and pursuing the only reason why it is worthwhile to make visible a website, which with its contents must be the best answer to the question that the user makes by launching a search.

Make link building with spontaneous links

Those spontaneous are the links that Google prefers but it is not easy to get them, you need different skills: you need to be able to write content of real interest to users, the website must be attractive and pleasant to navigate, the site must be perceived as a resource useful, a point of reference in the sector it deals with.

Often we happen to work with companies that work in niche markets where thinking of getting spontaneous links is almost impossible: suppose we have to promote with SEO a site related to the sale of an industrial machinery, although there may be a great interest of users towards the purchase of that machinery, it is unlikely that another site will insert a link to this company spontaneously. In these cases the Link Building activity can only be pursued thanks to a marketing strategy and public relations engagement.

Therefore do not expect to receive links simply because you have put online a site, to get spontaneous links is essential commitment and dedication.

How to recognize quality links

Receiving junk links in addition to being useless can be harmful; in fact Google may decide to remove our site from the results with an algorithmic or manual penalty.

It is therefore appropriate to be aware of the quality of the site that is lynching us; there are various ways and tools to verify the quality of a link and the site that gives it.

In general it is convenient to receive links from sites / blogs / portals:

That does not have too many outgoing links

That has competitive search keys positioned in top 10

That is not populated with duplicate content

Which have useful and interesting contents.

That has users

Advice for an effective Link Building

Once verified the quality of the site that gives us the link, we try to understand how to link building effectively by studying the main features that the links should have:

Relevance of content and

Topic: it is much more valuable to link from a site that treats the same topics as ours, rather than from a generic site. Better to avoid links from sites that do not deal with content related to our target.

Link position

Avoid receiving links from footers from sidebars (side columns) or from the pages of “friendly sites”. Our link must be placed within a text in a natural way and possibly in the first half of the content. Better than the text is not too short.

Anchor text

For anchor text we mean the portion of text on which the link will be enabled. It is necessary to vary the anchor text as much as possible, also using synonyms. In order not to risk penalizations , most of the links should be activated on the brand, or on the URL of the site to be polished, or on phrases such as “enter the site”, “follow this link”, etc … Remember that the link can be associated a title in which we can enter our keywords in a conversational way.


Close to the link it would be advisable to have words and phrases that help Google to understand and find confirmation of the topic treated by our page, so if for example in a text we wanted to activate this link: fix an appointment with a dietician, it would be appropriate to have in the vicinity of the eager text these words / phrases: weight loss, nutrition, lose weight, get back into shape.

Link No follow:

The link with rel = “nofollow” indicates to the search engine that does not have to follow the link, technically suggests to Google not to pass authoritativeness to the site lincato.

According to many SEO have a percentage of 15/20% of “nofollow” links is a kind of guarantee of the naturalness of your link profile.

SEO service Link building

With an effective Link Building campaign, improve the authority of your site to reach the top positions of search engines!

In summary: Google makes authoritative and credible websites visible at the top of the search results.

To raise the authority of your website and then reach the top positions of search engines, you need to receive quality links to the pages of your site.

To get the top 10 Google with the keys that best represent your business requires commitment and expertise, the factors that make winning the web marketing in a positioning activity are innumerable and wrong link building activity inevitably involves a penalty , therefore it is better to rely on an expert SEO AGENCY.

Optimally makes use of SEO professionals who have been studying search engine algorithms for 12 years , many customers have relied on our link building service, reaching the top positions of Google with very competitive search keys.

Our goal: to achieve lasting visibility in search results

Our link acquisition and content marketing campaigns offer tangible results for the visibility of small businesses that work at a local level and for companies that need to obtain national visibility on very competitive keys.

The experience and the study of algorithms on Google penalization such as panda, penguin, hummingbird, we know the rules of the game and know how to make quality link building: the links generated by our campaigns are NATURAL LINKS and generally remain active for the entire life cycle of the site that welcomes them, for this with Optimization you have the certainty of achieving concrete and lasting results.