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SEO Content Writing Services

Often we do not think about the enormous power that a printed word has. In a word you can really please approve and you can literally kill. Yes and the word spoken orally eyes can also heal calm bring to life and give hope.

The content on your site is also words. The texts on the site are a powerful weapon that many of us underestimate. And writing the content of the site this is a whole science. It’s no secret that in the conditions of tough competition in any business many victories and defeats often depend on what and to whom we speak.

Similarly the art of writing content (the text of the site) requires certain skills knowledge and skills on which depends on whether the potential customers interested in this particular site or not.

How to inspire a partner with trust in your company? What should I do to make a customer make an order or purchase the goods from you? The answers to these and other questions are known to specialists of our company which is called Weprosys Ltd. (WLT).

Competent writing content (text of the site) will bring luck and profit to your company and inept content will work against you. Entrust your business to the power of the printed word and you will be sure that writing special content for your site that our experts will make will make it work smoothly for your profits. Potential customers will always see it in the first lines of search engines and after visiting there they will surely become your customers!

Do not puzzle over the selection of key phrases and the compilation of content and texts for your site. Calmly do your business. All that is related to writing content will make for you our professional copywriters.

Successful writing of site content

Perhaps someone will ask and what is the content of the site? The answer is simple: the content of the site is its text content narrated in a special way. To write content include texts of the main sections of the site thematic articles in special sections news reviews information about products or services purely promotional materials and much more.

Specialists of our company are engaged not only in design and programming of the site. We have a whole department of specialists engaged in writing content and its search engine optimization.

Obviously to write content to the customer’s site our specialists need to thoroughly study not only the activities and products of the customer but also the activities of competitors their sites and tactics of promotion. Developing and writing website content is a time-consuming task over which several specialists work in our company: journalist’s optimizers “advertisers” and programmers.

After all in order for the site to choose both visitors and search engines it should be better than competitors’ sites. Professional writing of site content is necessary for this task. With the help of competently organized content of the site you can attract the visitor’s attention and get him to call your company.

The more extensive the content of your site the more likely that your consumer will find your company and will be interested in your products goods or services.

If you think that writing articles for your site it’s easy – you’re wrong. Development of the content of the site should only be entrusted to professionals who have studied all the features and techniques own the laws of this genre and know the psychology of Internet users.

If you decide to order the writing of content from us before our specialists need to get from you the most complete information. About the company’s activities and its focus as well as the main topics and materials that will be published on your site.

Writing articles

The writing of custom-made articles for your site in our company is dealt with by journalists the creation of advertising – copywriters. Custom and promotional articles are not the same although some common features they still have. You can order an advertising article about your business the company the products and services of the company for your site too at Weprosys Ltd.

Our specialists will compose the text in such a way that the visitor of your website quickly easily and in the right light has all the information he needs. The basic requirements for texts of articles of an advertising nature are special linguistic and semantic techniques that are implicitly influencing the reader. In addition methods of persuasion evidence and much more. In this sense writing advertising articles for websites has much in common with oratory.

Copywriters of Weprosys Ltd. will make content for your site

That your site really started and brings the desired results i.e. calls and appeals of potential customers it must be done professionally and flawlessly. This means that everything should be fine on the website: design software content (that is text content).

WLT specialists are ready to offer for your website:

-Writing content of any subject;

-Development of articles for portals of any orientation;

-Selection of necessary keywords and writing content for optimization and promotion of your site to the requirements of search engines;

-Development of the structure of your site;

-Creating slogans;

-Analysis and optimization of the content of the finished site;

-Monitoring of competitors’ sites;

-Writing SEO articles.

The main functions of site content

Often even the successful optimization of the site and its stable position in the top ten lists of search engines for the requested queries does not guarantee that the client will call your company. This problem will help to solve the writing of the “selling” content of the site. Our specialists have all the necessary technologies and techniques of persuasion which have a reliable impact on the target audience you need.

There are four main functions of content:

Forcing or selling (To the client chose your company among all others your company should inspire trust and offer the most profitable goods and services in all respects.);

Promotional (To the site was equally interesting to both people and search engines determining the position of the site in the issuance lists);

Active (To the site was “live” and it periodically appeared fresh news forums or just to periodically change the content of the site);

Informative (To ensure that the texts on the website contain real interesting and as full information as possible which can provide effective assistance in the choice of goods and services in addition the thematic analytics and much more are welcome.Thus your Internet resource will become an authoritative thematic site where for the information will be addressed a lot of people among whom will be your potential customers.)

Writing SEO articles

What is SEO writing? This is writing content in a special way specifically to promote the site on the Internet. SEO articles for the promotion and optimization of the site are created by our experts taking into account the specifics associated with the “preferences” of search robots.

This is a very special genre – writing content for site optimization. The specificity of the articles is that they must contain (and contain) the necessary keywords that are regularly written and repeated with a certain frequency and consistency after which the search engine robots will find your site among many competitors and determine its place in the issuance lists.

If the SEO articles are written “correctly” the search engines will not just find your site in the abyss of the Internet but “lift” it to the very top in the first lines of the issuance lists for the queries you need.

Articles written on all SEO laws of course also need optimizers work but in themselves they are able to “interest” the search engines. For the sake of fairness it is worth noting that low-frequency and non-curricular queries can be brought to the top only through the competent writing of seo content.

It is almost impossible to create all the demands of search engines for repeating the necessary key words and at the same time create a beautiful text. From SEO content and does not require special beauty and literary. Of course if such articles are also easy well readable this is generally great but it is very difficult to achieve this.

Do not forget that this SEO content in general is not intended for reading as it is created specifically for search robots. Therefore we usually post articles optimized for your keywords in specially designated places.

The basic requirements for writing content for keywords

-The text of the article should be about 1300-1800 characters without spaces;

-The total number of keywords in the content should not exceed 5-7% of the total volume of the material and in equal proportions with a clear and fuzzy key entry.

-The text can consist of 3 parts. In the first and last parts keywords should meet from two to four times and in the middle paragraph – once and the keywords should not be a simple enumeration but should fit in the text organically.