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Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing Services. The Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) is certainly the Web Marketing tool that offers the most immediate results , a higher return on investment (ROI) and excellent opportunities for brand-building . Managing a PayPerClick campaign seems a very easy operation, so much so that many rely on “do it yourself” or improvised professionals. In fact, the conception, organization and management of a Keyword Advertising campaign with positive economic returns, based on a careful choice of the keys that make more, the definition of ads that stimulate users actually interested, the realization of landing pages in persuasive copywriting to entice the user to perform desired actions (form filling, online booking, purchase, information request, provision of their contact data or other information …), requires years of experience and a consolidated professionalism.


How a PPC campaign works What is it about when it comes to Search Engine Marketing services , or Keyword Advertising campaigns , or even Pay Per Click campaigns ( PPC)?)? In Keyword Advertising campaigns are published on search engines in the result pages for specific keys decided by who organizes the campaign, or on sites with content relevant to specific keys, advertisements that invite visitors to visit a page of a destination site . You only pay when someone comes to visit the page proposed by the advertisement published by clicking on the link (Pay Per Click), an amount defined by the organizer of the campaign and which obviously must be higher as there is more competition for the key desired search. This is therefore a continuous “online auction”, where it is possible to estimate the number of daily users, the budget per period, the start and end date, the possible suspension of the campaign, the geographical area from which the users viewing the advertisement come.

The auctions on the keywords become more and more competitive, to the point that it is essential to study the campaigns to be able to find the most favorable keywords (those sought by many interested users but still not required by most advertisers), define the offer so from having a good position for the lowest possible ad and creating ads that encourage users to just click on interested users. This allows you to maximize ROI, getting the most visitors actually interested in the lowest cost per click. Great experience and continuous monitoring are the secret of a successful Pay per Click campaign.

Our Search Engine Marketing services with Keyword advertising

Ability is Google Adwords Qualified Professional For the organization of a PayPerClick campaign Ability Services includes the following steps:

Search engine marketing with keyword advertising the analysis with our client of the objectives and budget of the campaign, with a careful study of the site of our client to identify the optimal internal paths for achieving the objectives, with indications on any additions or changes that generate more conversions.

Search engine marketing with keyword advertising the analysis of the needs of our client for the definition of the tools with which to intervene and through which to activate the campaigns: we can work with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Facebook Ads – or with all the major Keyword Advertising platforms.

Pay per click campaigns with keyword advertising the study and research of optimal keywords starting from those proposed by our client and continuing with searches for similarity and frequency of use by users of search engines.

search engine marketing and pay per click the study and definition of the ad text, so that it is both selective and inviting (no need to pay for clicks from users not actually interested, and at the same time we do not lose even a click from those who are potentially prepared and available to achieve a goal considered interesting by us).

Keyword advertising campaign in pay per click the study and definition of the layout and the text of the acceptance pages (the landing pages on the destination site), so that they are captivating and they push the visitor to carry out the desired actions (persuasive copywriting for an effective call for action)

Pay per click campaign with keyword advertising the activation of mechanisms of control and tracking of the results and the behavior of the visitors, for the realization of detailed reports on traffic. We monitor the campaigns 7 days a week by constantly intervening to improve and refine the results, and keep our customers informed with periodic reports that are among the most comprehensive and comprehensive.

Contact us for a feasibility study and a quote

Web Marketing: Search Engine Marketing with AdWords   Ability Services is a marketing and communications agency specializing in Search Engine Marketing for over 15 years (ie when SEM – Search Engine Marketing techniques were in the early days in Europe and Italy) in over 50 different languages . Our staff of Search Engine Marketing experts can follow you by preparing a feasibility study for the promotion and dissemination of your product, service or initiative on search engines for key search keys in over 50 languages.

We are obviously not able to present a price list for our Search Engine Marketing services, as they are not “pre-packaged packages ” like those proposed by many other freelancers and agencies … Our interventions are therefore studied from time to time. Depending on the characteristics of each site, each destination market and each requirement, and illustrated in our feasibility studies with a wealth of details. If you are interested in Search Engine Marketing and have more information on the possibility of activating a Pay per Click campaign in relation to your products, services, initiatives, you can then contact us explaining your needs: we will be happy to present you our best offer for the management of an effective and profitable SEM project.