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SAP Consulting Services

“Weprosys Ltd.” provides IT consulting services and SAP consulting for business:

-Building the IT architecture of the company from scratch;

-Analysis and audit of the existing IT-system of the enterprise, development of a plan for its development;

-Introduction of enterprise management systems, further support and technical support;

-Management of IT projects and services.

A qualified SAP consultant is not a sales manager. Its tasks include:

Analysis of the requirements of key users-allows you to prepare a product that meets the needs of a specific company;

-Preparation of documentation;

-Customization of solutions in accordance with requirements;

-Preparation of specifications for creating additional functionality.

-Professional SAP consulting, carried out by SC “Weprosys Ltd.”, allows:

-Build an uninterruptedly operating infrastructure by implementing a comprehensive enterprise management system;

-Update the current version of SAP products or add new modules;

-Integrate with other SAP products;

-Develop your own functional on the basis of the system.

-Consulting services will also be useful in narrower areas related to SAP products.


In the course of IT-consulting our specialists, if necessary, will help you:

-Identify which products from a wide range of software tools are necessary for your business;

-Learn what additional features are available in already installed systems and products;

-increase the efficiency or increase the functionality of the current system;

-to check the quality of the platform and perform adjustment. Experts of the company “Weprosys Ltd.” will correct mistakes made by third-party suppliers;

-quickly solve the problem.

The process of consulting

Any consultations on the installation and use of SAP products can be carried out by our specialists with a visit to the client. In some cases, it is possible to work with remote access to the system or in the “question-answer” format.

User support is also provided through:


-the release of accompanying and training documentation;

-answers to requests and applications;

-software settings.

Professional consulting provides an opportunity to solve problems, not allowing critical shutdown of the enterprise processes and minimizing the negative consequences.

Current quality control is necessary to fix and eliminate weaknesses in the planned mode – this will prevent problems.

Specialists carry out data migration and software setup in the shortest possible time.

SAP Implementation Schema Example

The most ambitious project in SAP consulting is the ERP system implementation from scratch. Its implementation occurs in several stages:

-assessment of customer requirements;

-description of possible additional requirements in order to improve the functionality of the product;

-drawing up and signing a contract;

-formation of technical tasks and preparation of the project team;

-implementation and configuration of the system;

-final testing, user training, support service organization;

-start the system;

-follow-up support, regular quality checks and modernization.

Each stage of work is conducted according to international standards and is documented. The team leader keeps track of all the changes and regularly reports.

The results of consulting services and the introduction of software platforms are:

-improving the quality of planning;

-increase the speed of data exchange and create a single information platform;

-the ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data, identify trends, opportunities and risks;

-increasing the level of security;

-simplification of communication between the company, partners and customers;

-improvement of the level of service;

-simplification of logistics and workflow;

-increase the effectiveness and efficiency of management decisions.

-ERP class systems unite all segments and departments of the company into a single network and are adapted to Russian conditions.

“Weprosys Ltd.” provides a guarantee for IT consulting and SAP consulting. You can be sure that the solutions installed by our specialists will work correctly, and the support center will promptly respond to requests.