Sales promotion through 3D visualization apps and mobile devices

Sales promotion through 3D visualization apps and mobile devices

Sales promotion through 3D visualization apps and mobile devices. One aspect that is repeatedly discussed in connection with the use of media in stationary shops is so-called “show rooming”. It’s the practice of customers looking at and trying out products in stores, and then buying them online at a cheaper price – often even while they’re in the store.


The retailers have understood that they cannot combat the use of smartphones while shopping, but must actively use this trend in their favor. For example, by installing Wi-Fi in all branches so that customers have faster access to online information. Customers can get a more detailed picture of products and their handling. This adds value to customers and improves the shopping experience.

It is becoming increasingly important that sales consultants also have access to such additional information in order to be able to advise customers more comprehensively. As a result, more and more retailers are beginning to equip their sales consultants with tablets. There is a strong trend towards mobile POS systems. If a business has 7,000 products, it is not possible for sales consultants to know all these products in detail. However, today’s customers are used to having very comprehensive information on products from online shopping and expect this from the sales consultants. Tablets are a great way to give sales staff quick access to the information they need.

Especially for younger people, additional information about products is very important and can have a positive effect on the purchasing decision at the POS. Retailers should therefore ensure that customers can access product reviews and demonstrations via mobile devices or digital screens at the POS. Ideally, such information is sourced directly from community platforms, which increases its credibility.

In order to provide customers with easy access to online information, more and more retailers are beginning to install digital screens in the branches. These are better than the mobile phone because of the size of the screen to inspect products and access additional information. Digital screens allow customers access to a much wider range of merchandise, and thus function as a digital extension of the physical retail space.

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