Sales increase through 3D visualization

Sales increase through 3D visualization

It’s no secret that good product images make a significant contribution to sales success. What is new for decision makers is that 3D product images often offer decisive advantages in terms of the perceived quality impression. A study by “Autodesk” states that 3D product images not only make the purchase of online shopping more likely, but also described a higher quality impression of the product displayed by 3D visualization. More than two-thirds of those surveyed would prefer to use 3D product images with zoom view and feature depictions to better understand products.


The diverse uses and uses of digital imagery have another decisive advantage: photorealistic CGI’s (computer-generated images) can be created on the basis of 3D data before the production of a product and made available to the sales and marketing departments. In addition, animations can be created with the edited CAD data, so camera shots are shown through and around the objects, which would not be possible with a film camera in this form. The viewer sees the functions to be explained while the object can be displayed transparently and animated in an impressive quality.

A technical animation further enhances the customer’s understanding; sales arguments can be significantly supplemented and supported. As a visually fixated contemporary, humans react better to images and videos than to textual messages. Studies on perception research therefore show that moving images remain more effective and sustainable in our brains than words. Complex contents reach the interested parties faster and better with moving pictures. Interesting here is the study by the EIAA (European Interactive Advertising Association), where today one third of Internet users consume moving pictures more often on the Internet than on TV.

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