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Sage accounting software service

Sage Software is a management system for medium-sized businesses and regional divisions of international companies. Sage Software is designed to manage enterprises engaged in production, distribution and professional services.

The system is widely in demand as a means of automating industrial companies with discrete and continuous (process) types of production in engineering, metallurgy, pharmaceutics, the chemical industry, and food production.


Sage Software allows you to plan the load capacity of the enterprise, reduce costs, including through optimization of labor resources, and production stocks, providing the minimum required level of stocks in warehouses, taking into account the current production plan. Sage Software functions for managing customer relations allow you to plan the work of the sales department and load production facilities, based on developed plans and sales forecasts.

Sage Software is also a reliable tool for managing the distribution company, ensuring transparency of cost accounting and financial results planning for each delivery, supporting management of the strategy and delivery times, tracking the status of the order.

In holding structures Sage Software allows you to monitor the flow of funds between legal entities located both in Russia and abroad, and instantly form a consolidated management group of companies, taking into account the laws and currencies of different countries.

Sage Holding: includes the processes of accounting for accounts receivable and payable, non-current assets, payment management, recording of costs and investments, budgeting, and the formation of consolidated statements.

-Easy and quick setup of the software solution.
-Low cost of ownership of the presented product.
-Support of various accounting programs of the enterprise.
-ERP system is characterized by scalability when changing an existing business.
-The product successfully works with all operating systems , including Windows , Linux , UNIX , and the platform is compatible with most serial databases, like Microsoft SQL and Oracle .
-ERP system is characterized by internationality of the solution and the ability to quickly localize (support for the –use of multiple interface languages, legislations, currencies).
-Inclusion in the MCS program allows enterprises to successfully operate in the international market: the program is able to quickly model the parameters of the country in which it is used.
-In addition to the presented advantages, after installing the ERP-system its functions will be available in a web -browser. The rapidity, as well as the ease of installation of the platform, can significantly reduce the time and financial costs associated with its support and training of personnel.