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SaaS Development Services

The active development of the information technology sphere, especially with the beginning of mass use of global networks, gave impetus to the development of various concepts for the provision of certain services or the use of software products.

One of the most common types of so-called cloud computing today is the SaaS model, or Software as a Service, which can be viewed as a progressive business-oriented concept, which implies the provision of services to provide certain software on a remote basis (via the Internet).


Software as a service is provided not on the terms of acquisition by the customer, but on terms of use for a certain fee. On the one hand, the SaaS model has similar features to the lease, but on the other hand it differs from the rental of the software. It’s just granting access as a user. All hardware and software are located at the supplier. Actually, this imposes on the supplier the corresponding obligations for server and software maintenance (technical and preventive works, programming, error correction, regular updates, protection from attacks, etc.).

Creating SaaS services

SaaS – the principle of software distribution, in which the software is distributed and used by subscription, without the user receiving executable files. This approach became possible due to the active development of web technologies, when it became possible to implement complex software in the form of web applications.

We carry out both the development of the main web application and the development of a system for selling subscriptions to web applications with the functions of CRM, business intelligence and statistics.

Pros of SaaS:

-There is no danger of becoming a victim of piracy (in the usual sense);

-Easy and convenient user support (all files remain on your servers);

-The possibility of implementing various methods of subscription and tariffs.

Customized solution

-Development of software for the architecture of the project without the use of standard solutions.

Detailed prototyping

-Creation of a detailed prototype of all pages / windows of the project.

-Staged payment

Payment by monthly payments with demonstration of intermediate results.

Planning and following the deadlines

-Detailed planning before development begins and compliance with deadlines.

Open-source platform

-Open-source platform significantly reduces the cost of ownership of the project.

Concept and monetization

-Joint development of ideas, concepts and working out of ways of monetization.