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Review Writing Services

Writing a review takes a lot of time from the owner of the business which he could invest in the development of his business. And the faster the product review appears on the website the faster it will be indexed by search engines and buyers will be able to assess the main positive aspects of the product and make a purchasing decision.

Although the owner like no one else knows all the advantages of his product it is difficult for him to identify the key advantages of the product. After all your child always seems ideal in everything. The main objective of the review is to highlight the main characteristics of the product and submit them in such a way that the potential buyer feels that he is reading the review of the other buyer and not from the manufacturer or sales representative.


“The headphone jack is on the upper end of the case for the charger – on the bottom” – this description will surprise no one and you will not be convinced to make a purchase. The potential buyer does not care that where he is it is important to him how comfortable it will be with all this work. Moreover a couple of photos will tell more about the appearance of the product than 1,000 characters. Writing a review of goods – this is not a description of the appearance and not a listing of all technical characteristics. For the buyer it does not matter how many cores the smartphone has and how much its battery capacity it’s important to him how fast and how long the gadget can work without recharging. Reviews are written primarily for people and not for robots who now and then compare only technical characteristics.

Copywriting and content marketing studio “Weprosys Ltd.” will write an overview of your product electronic device cafe salon or any other product or service presenting your business with the best hand without advertising stamps template descriptions and worn out praises does not believe. We will describe your product in such a way that the audience will fall in love with it without even having time to buy it.

Services of writing product reviews:

-Overview of smartphones and gadgets.

-Survey of TVs and household appliances.

-Overview of cafes and restaurants.

-Overview of the salon or studio.

-Review of children’s goods

-Review of a book or movie

-Overview of products for home and leisure

-Sporting Goods Review

You can order the writing of reviews and other products or services not mentioned in the list above.

How we write reviews?

You just send us the characteristics of your product or a link to their list and we transform the dry data into the emotions that potential customers will want to experience when they buy your product. Of course personal acquaintance with your product or service will allow you to write a better review which will attract more buyers thanks to a more accurate emotional coloring of the text.

Forwarding the goods or leaving the place for the preparation of the survey is always costly for the business owner therefore as full information about the product or service as possible can help us write a more attractive overview for you.

What questions need to be answered in order to order an overview of the product or service?

When it comes to product overview:

-What is this product?

-What are the characteristics of the product?

-What characteristics should be distinguished as basic?

-What are the competitors in the market?

-What is your product better than competitors (USP)?

-How much is the product (or price fork)?

-How can a buyer buy it?

-How can a buyer get it and how fast?

-What are promotional offers?

If it is a review of the service:

-What services do you provide?

-Where do you provide your services?

-What are your advantages?

-Who are your competitors?

-What is your service better than competitors (UTS)?

-How much are your services (or price fork)?

-How can a customer order your services?

-How fast can a client get them?

-What are promotional offers?

To simplify the answers to these and other questions we have prepared a brief for you. The more complete the information the better potential customers and customers will appreciate your offer.

Cost of writing a review

In English – $ 0.04 per word.

Correction of the text by the native speaker of English is $ 0.02 per word.

The survey does not contain direct advertising. This is an experience of using a product or ordering a service that can be of an advisory nature without a call to action. This is the opinion of an individual who if properly applied can influence the decisions of a potential buyer or customer to place an order.

You will receive an overview of your proposal which you can safely place both on your own resources and offer journalists to publish it on the site of a mass media. Stop wasting money on annoying direct advertising. Share with the target audience the positive experience of other people owning the product or the joy of the high quality of the services provided and your sales will increase!