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Recruitment Management Software Development

Every year in the HR department, there are tons of documents. In order to extract useful information from these data and use HR-work for analysis and planning, the organization needs an automated personnel management system.

-The material will cover the following topics:

-Automated Personnel Management System

-What HR processes can be automated?

-Recruiting programs

Automated system of personnel management is software for human resources management. Systems of this kind are at the intersection of information technology and HR processes.

Automated personnel management system: when the need arises

Personnel management programs are required by the company when the HR department needs to streamline processes, analyze the effectiveness of the activities conducted to train or motivate employees. The introduction of automation systems can also reduce the amount of information on paper and simplify reporting and monitoring of tasks. The advantage of automating HR processes is that those documents that were previously stored in the archives can be effectively used in the daily work of the HR manager.


Automation of personnel management is not the same as automation of personnel workflow. The automated personnel management system allows to work not only with quantitative, but also qualitative indicators, to approach system and globally to HR-functions and processes of human resources management.

Based on the data collected with the help of personnel management automation systems, the management will be able to make decisions about the company’s need for new employees, training, load sharing or dismissal of employees, adjust employee incentive schemes.

According to experts, the greatest need of organizations is experienced in those automation systems that allow monitoring the efficiency of personnel (KPI implementation). That is why the company’s goals should be defined and understood by all employees. For information on how to transform the organization’s global goals into specific HR-tasks, read the material.

To facilitate the work of the HR department, first of all Russian employers are trying to automate personnel workflow. This frees the time for HR professionals to perform core functions.