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Real SEO Optimization

This is when you do not need to pay extra to the contractor for the position or traffic, when there is no subscription fee – only the specific work that gives the result .

We work like this

We don’t have any know-how. You can achieve results in SEO in one single way – to work a lot. But why stretch what can be done here and now for years?


We do not stretch the semantic core and technical improvements for several months. Therefore, you do not need to wait six months until something happens and your site “grows” in organic delivery.


Tired of waiting for reports on what has been done for a whole month? We interact with you constantly; you see what is happening with your site in real time. Personal manager is always in touch.


Only 20% of actions in SEO give 80% of the result. We will not dive into the subtleties of LSI and work with behavioral, until we achieve results through content, technical improvements and internal linking.


Our Cases

So that you can estimate your budget and understand what results you can expect, we give 4 cases as an example.

Period: January 2018 to June 2018
budget: 150,000 Taka. / Month

SEO audit
Semantic planning
Meta Tag Optimization
Semantic analysis and optimization of the categories of goods and cards
Implemented tagging and hub page
internal linking through related products
Improvement of behavioral factors targeted traffic from the social.
Micromarker networks Product

464 target call

376 applications on the site

Regional online store of  building materials

order per month 253

ROI 389%

2 900 average margin of order

Period: September 2016 – March 2017
budget: 70,000 Taka. / month

SEO audit
Semantic core of average competitive queries
Usability audit to improve behavioral factors
Optimization of meta tags and content
Correction of validation errors 14 landing and 58 content pages
Studio website added to 30 trust resources

3,700 Transitions from search per month

3-5 orders  per month

average profit  per order 70 000 Taka

ROI 300%

Period: January 2018 – May 2019
budget: 300,000 Taka. / quart

SEO audits
Semantic planning and clustering
textual analysis of landing pages
Adjustments titles, meta tags and content of the results of text analysis
Extension of landing pages
Creating tags landing
Current search analytics, analyze the dynamics of position
solution maximizing commodity index page concerns
the introduction of adaptive layout
Moving to https
activities increasing the external reference weight
Setting up call tracking and end-to-end analytics

10,000 transitions from search per month

65 orders of consumables per month on average

Medical  Equipment Manufacturer

order per month of medical equipment with an average cost of 6.8 million Taka.

3-4 There are no exact figures, but the customer is satisfied 🙂

Period: July 2016 – July 2017
budget: 75,000 Taka. / month

Deep elaboration of the semantic core (cleaning, verification, typing, clustering)

Page-by-page optimization and extension of the landing pages

! Generally without links!

20 times increased traffic from search

8 times increased number of shipments

Federal online store plumbers and electrics

the company’s turnover increased 7 times

ROI 2900%


They will work with you

Syed Shakil

agency head

Rabbi Hossain

SEO manager

In SEO since 2008. He raised the attendance of the software portal from zero to 11’000 per day in 2 years, the online store of the tool – one and a half times in 3 months, the blog from zero to 2000 per day in one and a half years without external optimization. Loves complex projects.

Abdullah Al Mam0n

SEO specialist

Attentive to detail. Do not allow anyone to miss the flaws that affect the result. He thoroughly knows analytics systems, establishes cause-and-effect relationships.

Fatema Munni

SEO specialist

She likes non-standard tasks. Priority is to delve into the technical side of the site, improve usability for the end user. Develops strategies for projects.

Syed Ershad

account manager

The link between the team and the customer. Coordinates, plans, encodes the wishes of the customer in the tasks, and the alien speech of IT is the words that the client understands. It has an inhuman reserve of patience.

Manik Hossain

Assistant project manager

Lays out the information on the shelves. Masterfully looking for information on the World Wide Web.
Hides from PMA things that you can harm yourself.

Syed Wahid

Contextual advertising specialist

Customizes and monitors projects. He lives in the offices of contextual advertising services, excel-tables and on the sites of competitors. The initiator of improvements and innovations.

Abdullah Al Mamun

Technical Director

Head of internal services.

Tahmina Tonni

Editor, head of copywriting

Does not write texts without deep study of the subject. Retrieves more information from a customer than a criminal investigator.

Cost of SEO promotion services

We give these prices as an example. Usually they are calculated individually.


47,000 Taka per month.

For small sites

Online shopping

95,000 Taka per month.

Small online stores
(up to 10,000 products)

Large projects

192,000 Taka per month.

For those who need to
convert 50,000 traffic to 700,000

Individual strategies

from 2500 Taka per hour

Individual strategies

How to start?


We will understand your current situation – what you need to do first of all to achieve your business goals. Not always to achieve them you need SEO specialists, layout designers or copywriters. Email us at and we will look at your situation together.


In order to understand the current situation as precisely as possible, we will ask for access to, Google Search Console and Google Analytics Yandex.Webmaster, Yandex.Metrica and ask you to give us 20-30 minutes to better understand your goals and objectives.


We accept payment only from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to a current account under an agreed and signed agreement. In order to prepare a contract, you must first provide us with your details.