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Real Estate Drone Video Editing Service

Weprosys Ltd. is a drone company specialized in drone recordings and video editing for aerial photography and video capture. We combine the use of cutting-edge technology related to drone recordings and editing and our experience in the audiovisual world to offer the most spectacular results at the best price.

In which sectors do we offer our services? In all those who require it: video with drones for weddings, aerial photography for hotels or rural houses complete productions of drones recordings for video clips, corporate videos related to sports with television etc.


Services with drones

The videos, photographs and drone recordings are a technology that has come to stay, and they put aerial resources at our fingertips that were not only available to a few productions. Drone recordings and aerial photography are now available to everyone. You can also count on this added value to your productions, whether fiction, weddings, video clips, television, documentary, advertising, corporate … The nature of each project is unique, so at, as a professional drones company and serious, puts at your disposal the best drones pilot. We are committed to studying each job in detail to always offer the best price and rate for the solution most suited to the needs of the client.

Do you need aerial photography with drones?

If you already have a production team that records your video and you want aerial photography with drones, or if you are a filmmaker who will need a drone for future projects, you can be sure that in Weprosys Ltd. you have found what you were looking for.

We will work hand in hand with your team so that you have at your disposal the aerial videos with the most professional finishing.

Do you need a full drone’s video?

In Weprosys Ltd. we also provide you with a complete shooting team and all the means to make your video from scratch and deliver a finished product: production, aerial drone videos, realization with ground unit and editing.

We offer you a complete production and editing team so that you can obtain a video recorded with the most professional drones.