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Real Estate Accounting service

The conduct of accounting in each individual industry has a number of specific features. So for a real estate agency there are certain moments. Consider the main expenses of the real estate agency:

Salary of the agency staff. The main expense is the payment of wages, which, as a rule, consists of the official salary and% of the bonus part, depending on the value of the property sold. In addition to the payment of monetary compensation, insurance contributions to extra-budgetary funds (the RF pension fund and the social insurance fund) in the amount of 30% of the accrual amount must be paid from each accrued salary amount.


Rent. The real estate agency should have its own office in which it will be able to host potential customers, conclude purchase and sale agreements, accept preliminary payment under the contract. Depending on the amount of work, the number of clients and orders, the agency can rent several office premises.

Advertisement of the agency itself and real estate. The work of real estate agencies is quite a competitive environment. That is why for the functioning of the agency it is necessary to allocate a sufficient amount for advertising. And it is necessary to advertise not only real estate agency, but real estate objects sold by realtors.

In the accounting of real estate agencies in addition to costs, there are certainly incomes. Let’s clarify the main income of the agency:

Profit from the activity of buying and selling real estate. Carrying out the main type of activity, the real estate agency concludes contracts for the sale and purchase of movable and immovable properties. Thus, it receives a certain income from the customers of services.

Proceeds from the rental of real estate. Many real estate agencies are engaged in the activities of hiring and renting out leased property.

Accounting for a real estate agency

Accounting transactions (posting) of real estate agencies:

The revenue from the sale of real estate is recorded

Reflects the costs associated with the sale of real estate

Reflects the amount of income from the renting of the property

Reflects the costs associated with the rental of real estate

Accounting for a real estate agency in the role of “outsourcing” is the most profitable proposal. Minimal risks, professional level of work of specialists, low cost of accounting in comparison with the cost of accounting by full-time accountants, a full range of accounting services in one set.

The cost of maintaining the accounting of a real estate company

The company Weprosys ltd. offers you to use our services to record your agency. The cost of accounting is an average of 100-200 dollars. For more details about the prices for our services and the list of services provided, you can find on the page of accounting .