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Outsource React Native Development Services

React is a framework for front-end applications created by Facebook and used in many of its products, such as Instagram and React allows you to create small components that, by combining them, build a more complex application in an easy and orderly way. React allows us to create web interfaces (and on mobile phones with React Native) quickly, and when used with other tools such as Redux it becomes a complete front-end framework. Most of the projects we carry out use React, offering rich experiences that work even in low-end devices.


What is React Native?

React Native is a mobile framework that allows you to create native mobile applications, using JavaScript and React so that both Android and iOS share the same code base. It uses the same syntax as React, so if your computer already uses React you will not notice the change.

Why React Native?

React Native offers a flexible way to create native applications with a rapid development cycle. Since it is written in JavaScript, it shares the same “write and reload” cycle that web developers are accustomed to, greatly reducing the time it takes to develop new features.

When do we use React Native?

We use it for all the mobile applications we develop.

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We have selected these few technologies, such as those we use to solve our clients’ problems. We have worked extensively with these technologies, mastering them and writing processes around them

We will choose the technology that works best for the problem we are solving based on our research and experience.

Road mapping

While our team can learn technologies very quickly, we prefer to work with tools we already know to make sure we offer our best work. We start each project with one or two weeks of planning where we expose the work we must do and estimate how long it will take. The objective of this phase is to have a clear idea of ​​what success means for this project and to have everyone (both our team and our clients) with that clear idea in mind.

Agile Design and Development

Here we begin to develop the application; we take designs and convert them into fully functional components. We deliver new functionality continuously as soon as they are ready to be tested. Our methodology allows us to have a place where everyone can see how the software we wrote from the first day of the project works.

Integration and continuous delivery

The practice of writing well-tested code is incorporated into our DNA, and we establish systems that allow us to do it in an automated way. Once a feature is integrated it is deployed and available for you to use immediately.

Performance monitoring

The success of the project is our goal, not only to have all the complete characteristics. We configure analytics and performance monitoring so you can know if your application meets expectations and is stable at all times. We love relationships with customers that last, and we will help you make your application scale.