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Quicken accounting software service

When you decide which accounting software is best for your small business, the choice often comes down to Quicken Home & Business Simple Start. Offer effective tools for accounting in small businesses, but there are differences that need to be considered, especially if you also want to manage your personal finances and business finances in one application.


Dedicated Vs. Dual use: Quicken Home & Business includes many functions for managing personal finances along with small business functions that appeal to those who want to get all their financial performance in one place.

Look and feel: Because Quicken Simple Start focuses only on helping you with small business accounting, it has a simpler interface than other software and it’s easier to target.


Account reconciliation: Account reconciliation in Quicken Home & Business begins with accounting registers, and adding or changing transactions in the reconciliation process is easy.

Download transactions: Quicken Home & Business offer a convenient way to download transactions from your bank account, credit card and investment accounts (provided that your institutions support it).

Categories: Quicken Home & Business uses income and expense categories

Procedures. The income and expense reports look like categories for those who are familiar with personal finance software, but double-access accounting is not always as easy as registering a check. For example, if a check is written for the purchase of new small business equipment, an asset account must be installed for the equipment.