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Promotional Video Production Company in Bangladesh

Weprosys Limited – a professional production studio for the creation and production of promotional videos in Bangladesh! One of the best companies that shoot and record effective video advertising! We can order the development and production of commercials at low prices for display on TV and on the Internet! Inexpensive promotional video to order from the production studio Weprosys Limited.

Advertising on television is impossible to imagine without videos. TV commercials are short and catchy videos about a product / service / brand / event, and this type of video advertising is becoming a trend on the Internet. In addition, there is a social video advertising.

Any commercial you can order from us and be sure – we will make it qualitatively, quickly and at a low price. Convince yourself of our competencies – portfolio of commercials and check out low prices on video advertising.

The advantages of video advertising: why do we need promotional videos?

The advantages of video advertising on TV and on the Internet are obvious. Of course, this:

-Inevitable attention

-Increase project audience

-Viral spread

-Drawing attention to the novelty

-Retention of a visitor on the site longer than usual (behavioral factors)

-Company severity indicator

Who cannot do without TV commercials?

As you know, advertising is the engine of progress, and effective video advertising is a super promoter of goods and services not only on television, but also on the Internet. Production of commercials in Bangladesh is ordered by companies from such industries as:

-Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Health Products

-Groceries and food

-Perfumery and cosmetics, household chemicals

-Automotive industry

-Goods for pets

-Taxi and Cargo Advertising

-Finance and banks


How much does a commercial script cost?

Of course, without a good script, “selling” the promotional video will not work. Do you want a lot of calls, orders / orders, calls and sales after video advertising on TV? Then take care of the quality of the script for your future commercial.

The prices for a good advertising script cannot be very low, because The effectiveness of video advertising depends on the scenario. We write the script for the commercial costs from 6 000 Taka.

Stages of creating advertising video from Weprosys Limited: 9 steps to get effective video advertising. Only professionals in the production of commercials work exclusively according to a strictly verified scheme and do not allow “punctures” at any of its stages. We consider ourselves to be such professionals, so we can easily show you a chain of steps to create effective video advertising:

-Writing a commercial script (screenwriter)

-Budget approval and approval

-Search and acquisition of filming locations (location manager)

-Script approval (director) and storyboard commercial

-Formation of the crew and equipment selection (producer)

-Casting Actors

-Shooting an advertising video (Customer can also attend!)

-Editing, creating computer graphics / animation, color correction

-Voice and sound design

-Professional equipment for video advertising

To get a high-quality picture and animation, we, at the video advertising agency Weprosys Limited, use only professional film equipment for filming commercials, due to which we can always guarantee an excellent result at a competitive cost of producing advertising video for TV and the Internet.

Video cameras (ascending budget)

Canon 5D Mark III – This unit has an expanded set of video options and features. Its main advantage is full-matrix. Which means?

-high sensitivity due to a large pixel;

-the possibility of using optics without the “crop factor”;

-beautiful picture due to a shallow depth of field;

-wide angle of view even when using long focus and zoom lenses.

-In addition, in fact, the ability to shoot HD quality video with a frequency of 24 to 60 frames per -second, there is a built-in microphone and autofocus.

Blackmagic 4k

The pledge of high quality image of the camera is a high resolution light-sensitive matrix. It forms such a high-quality image, being a video camera for convenience, mobility and compactness. Due to the wide dynamic range (color and light coverage) of 13 stops (1 stop is one stop of the aperture), black magic camera perfectly conveys not only the primary colors, but also forms a beautiful shadow and penumbral pattern.


The camera has a compact size and wide angle of view. Another undoubted advantage of this equipment is its compatibility with third-party lenses – Canon, Nicon, Sony.

RED EPIC has outstanding features:

High definition and resolution of the image due to the use of a matrix of increased size. a wide range of sensitivity to avoid problems when shooting scenes with contrasting and complex lighting; Shooting images in RAW-format, which opens up the widest possibilities for post-processing? A wide range of speeds – from 1 frame in 15 minutes to 120 frames per second with a decrease in resolution to 4K.

Arri alexa

The most important thing in this device is the highest image quality, which evens an expert cannot distinguish from what a classic movie camera, shooting 35 mm film, produces.

Other things also need Lightning equipment, Special equipment and electronic stabilization systems and Assembly station.

Why Choose Weprosys Limited For Promotional Video?

-Non-standard approach and individual consideration of each order. You will receive a concept and promotional video for your company and business.

-High standards of quality video production to order. We use only modern professional film equipment, high-speed editing stations, licensed software, the latest programs for 3D modeling and visualization, its own database of render farms.

-Compliance created advertising video with all the latest standards for TV and for the Internet.

Huge and successful experience of our specialists. Choosing our studio, you can be sure that a professional team is engaged in the production of your video advertising.

-Minimum production time while maintaining high quality!

-Its base of professional speakers, actors, experts, agents and consumers. We will select the necessary announcer, actor, expert or casting for your video. Also, if necessary, we will attract to shooting any stars of show business.

-Promotion of your advertising video and business as a whole by our specialists. Video advertising not only needs to be removed, but it is also necessary to attract attention and increase the number of views of your potential customers and consumers.

-Flexible pricing system for the production of commercials. Under any of your budget, we will make some optimal suggestions.